Falkirk Radio Club


I am a member of two amateur radio clubs, one of which is ~

The FALKIRK RADIO CLUB ( FRC ) which meets at 7.15pm every Wednesday in the Guide Hall, Jackson Avenue, Grangemouth and visitors are most welcome. [ Chairman : Scott Wavell GM0KBU ]

The combined HF / VHF shack ( GM0FRC ) has a Yeasu FT - 840 HF rig linked to a rotary dipole and a windom, together with a FT- 290E VHF rig with a 2m vertical antenna.   The club is presently in the process of setting up a radio linked,

computer node for packet, DX~cluster, etc.

The Falkirk club is a "hands on" club ~ into construction, aerial building, RAE / NRAE classes, morse classes, activity weekends and contesting.

The Falkirk club regularly takes part in the JOTA weekend, with the Grangemouth scout group, using the callsign GB2GS.   The contest group within the club, i.e. the "ARGO-NUTS", regularly participates in activity week-ends and contests.

To assist the "Nuts" getting up the hills for VHF contests, one of the members ( Ken - GM4NTX ) has an eight wheeled, all terrain ARGO-CAT

The ARGO certainly makes light work of carrying the gear, i.e. 3kVA generator, tents, stoves, radios, computer, aerials, masts, cables and a television ( for those quiet spells ! ) ~ and more

to carry
ME, up the hills.

Give us a visit during our next local contest and maybe you'll get a ride up and / or down the hill. ( You wouldn't be the first )


The ARGO-NUTS vehicle

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