MCARC October 2017 Meeting Minutes

27 October 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Steve Donnell.

Sign in sheet was passed around with 3 officers and 15 members and guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed as was a moment of silence for silent keys.

Self introductions were made.

A quorum was announced and the minutes of the September 2017 meeting were read.

A correction was made by Larry Yarbrough that Ken mentioned the FCC screenings and Johnny

Rentfro stated he was not the Facebook page administrator, Jimmy Chambers is.

A motion to accept the minutes with corrections was made by John Cherry, seconded by Johnny Rentfro. Motion was approved.

The Treasurer's report was made by Kathy Cherry. The report for 1 Sept thru 30 Sept showed an opening balance of $822.32. Deposits were $20, debits were $50 with an ending balance of $792.32. A motion to accept the report was made by Johnny Rentfro, second by John Cherry. The report was accepted.

Larry Yarbrough reported 43 check-in and 2 re-checks on the VHF net. Johnny reported 54 check-ins on the UHF net. Ken and Johnny up-dated the club on the repeater maintenance. Johnny said his friend is waiting until he gets some time off his job to put the analyzer on the antenna. This could possibly be within 4 weeks. They are looking for a matching harness to install on the antenna while the climber is up there. Ken said he suspects corroded connections as the problems seem to be erratic depending on the moisture in the air. Larry stated we have a commercial antenna and it is only 6 years old. The feedline is new. Motion to accept the report was made by Greg Adams. Second by Rex. Report was approved.

In the website report John Cherry stated that as of 4:30 P.M. Friday there were 3,677 hits. Motion to accept the report was made by Johnny, second by Ken. Report was approved.

Report on Mickey Mantle Day by David was that it was an overwhelming success. Three wires X contacts were made on digital stations by Steve and 2 HF contacts were made. Three hams from Grove participated and 4 members from MCARC were there. Steve, Dave, Johnny and Mike Mitchell. Propagation was terrible. Steve said we got some serious practice on setting up the push-up poles. One of the poles has a kink in the upper section. Several people stopped by and were given club/ ARRL handouts.

Steve reported that the Boys & Girls Club presentation went well. The kids got to talk to a ham on the Isle of Wight. Several contacts on the Stillwater superlink were made. He also showed the club the new smaller banner. Copies of the new tri-fold with the club membership application were given to members.

In new business Victor said Tram is not interested in repairing or improving their products. Vic suggested club members visit the Tram website <> & tell them what you think of their antennas. Steve said he was having the same issue with MFJ on a 941D tuner.

Steve reminded us to winterize our equipment. Antennas and guy wires need to be inspected to make sure they will handle any ice load and that all connections need to be taped and water- proofed. Jimmy has stepped down as Tailgate moderator. Ken suggested that there does not have to be a moderator. He said the round-robin started out where somebody went to the repeater and tossed out their call sign. If anyone else was on the air they would come back.

After some discussion it was decided to hold a short November meeting on Nov. 17. Ken said normally we had a short meeting during the December Christmas party. Motion was made by Vic, seconded by Jimmy. Motion was approved.

Ken said he was in favor of having a standard Christmas Party at the hanger. He said he will need a little extra help and there may not be any decorations. The second Saturday, December 9, was selected as the date.

Ken will supply the meats & Kathy will coordinate who will bring other fixings. Word of the party will be made via email, Facebook and repeater nets. Show up at 12:00, Dinner at 1.

John Cherry has resigned as webmaster for the club website. Vic has offered to take it over. The website is at <>

Vic mentioned that JiffyLube offers free oil changes free to vets. The club also needs to find some ways to raise money other than dues. Steve said it will cost a bunch to climb the tower and there are other items that will need maintenance. It was decided that memberships could be renewed anytime after the first of December. Any officer can take an application and money to turn over to the Treasurer. Memberships will expire on Jan. 31. These changes will be discussed and incorporated into the by-laws at the January 2018 meeting.

The Trivia Question was about frequency changes when tracking satellites. This is called the Doppler Effect. Ken won a Sonic card & volume 2 of the ARRL Radio Experience. Steve reminded the club that he has a California cell phone, so if a 706 area code shows, it is him & not a telemarketer.