September 2017

MCARC September 2017 Meeting Minutes

29 September, 2017



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. Sept 29, 2017 by President Steve Donnell

        Sign in sheet passed around with 3 officers and 20 members & guests present

        The Pledge of Allegiance was observed as was a moment of silence for Silent Keys.

        Self introductions were made.


A quorum was announced and minutes of the August 2017 meeting were read.

        A motion to approve the minutes was made by Larry Yarborough, second by Johnny Rentfro.

        Motion was approved.


The Treasurer's report was made by Pres. Steve Donnell.  He reported an opening balance of $853.32 and a closing balance of $807.32.

        Motion to accept Treasurer's report made by Larry Yarbrough, second by Johnny Rentfro?????

        Motion carried.


Ken Duncan reported that the VHF repeater has a serious problem with the north lobe.  He is in communication with a person that has a professional grade antenna tuner to analyze and correct the problem.  He stated that it takes some effort to get clearance from all the agencies to gain access to the repeater.

He stated that one night last week the repeater was keyed down for over an hour during the Tailgaters net with a ball game playing in the background.  He said in the future he would shut the repeater down and if any club member needed it turned back on early the next morning to call him.


Larry Yarbrough reported 50 check-ins and 2 rechecks on the Thursday night VHF net.

Johnny Rentfro reported 55 check-ins on the UHF net.

Larry Yarbrough made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Johnny Rentfro.


David Lebow reported on the up-coming Mickey Mantle Day special event station.

He said he would do a survey on the noise.  Steve said he would take his portable digital UHF rig to see if it could get out of the Spavinaw hole.  (It cannot.)

Ken stated club equipment could be used, if he is notified of the need.


The club logo was discussed and the oval logo with the straight MCARC outlined in yellow was adopted.

Motion to adopt the logo was made by Johnny Rentfro, seconded by J.R. Wilson.

Motion carried.


In other old business, Ken Duncan said club applications needed to be screened and approved before they were accepted. Larry Yarbrough said a disclaimer should be on the applications stating so.  He said the FCC has started screening license applications before issuing a call sign, but the club still needed to vet memberships.

Ken made a motion to adopt the change to the application.  Second by Chris Redman.

Motion passed.

Under new business it was mentioned that the club Facebook page was still private.  No one can see what the club is doing. We need to make this public so people can see what the club is doing.  Johnny Rentfro is a page administrator so he will make the change.


Ken Duncan revisited the application discussion and said we should add the liability waiver to the application package so they would not have to be signed at every club activity.

He said at the beginning of Field Day everyone signed waivers, but as the day went on no more were signed.

It was agreed that a new waiver would not be needed at renewal of membership.

Vote was taken and passed unanimously.

Mike Duffell complained about Ken's statement about swinging his beam around to identify operators that were kerchunking the repeater.  Ken stated he was trying to be helpful if it was a club member who did not know they were not making it to the repeater or someone maliciously interfering with repeater operation.

Steve noted that  all three repeaters have issues that need to be looked at.


Steve informed the members that he would be at the Chelsea Boys & Girls Club demonstrating digital radio to show the kids how technology has gone from CW to cell phones.  He invited any CW operator to come with him.


Mike Duffle told the club he has set up a Technician study guide on the internet.  It is at<HamradiostudyCERT/wx>


Johnny Rentfro said John, K5TBL, from Claremore is holding a Technician class on Oct. 7 & 14 with testing on the 21st.


Steve commented on the number of VEs in the club & the club has never scheduled any test sessions.

There are 3 VE in the club. Ken W5BY, Johnny, N5XQK and Larry, KB5ZB.

It was stated that there are not enough people wanting to test to hold one since so many neighboring clubs test.


Steve gave the members a Trivia question: Which nation was the first to adopt SOS as a distress signal?

The answer was Germany, in 1905.  It was adopted by the International Community in 1908.  Prior to this the distress call was CQD.

He had a $5 Sonic gift card as a prize.  No one collected it.

Steve said he would give a hint for the November Trivia Question every Thursday night on the VHF net.


Vic, K5VPN, announced the Enid Gas Engine & Tractor Show on Oct. 7.


Steve showed a Foxhole Radio he built.


The door prizes were 2 Yesau Radio caps and an ARRL Radio Experience, Vol. 1 book.  They were won by Johnny Rentfro and Chris Redman. The book was won by Ken.


Motion to adjourn was made by Greg and seconded by Chris.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.



Prepared by David Lebow /MCARC Secretary /October 23, 2017.

added note:


On Oct 12 Steven Donnell, President, and David Lebow, Secretary did a live presentation on the operation and history of Ham radio. They made contacts using duo band UHF & VHF hitting the local repeater making contacts and the Ham operators explained how long they have been hams and what ages they were when the got their license.

The new digital wires x system was explained and Steve then made a contact in England. The contact and the kids had lots of questions. We also explained how the echo link worked on the cell phone making a contact in Las Vagas Nevada.

The HF bands were not good but the kids got to see the equipment and got to ask Steve and David a lot of interesting questions.