August 2017

MCARC August 2017 Meeting Minutes

25 August 2017



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. August 25 2017 by President Steve Donnell

        Sign in sheet passed around with 3 officers and 25 members & guests present

        The Pledge of Allegiance was observed as was a moment of silence for Silent Keys.

        Self introductions were made.


A quorum was announced and minutes of the July 2017 meeting were read.

        A motion to approve the minutes was made by Larry Yarborough, second by Johnny Rentfro.

        Motion was approved


There was no Treasurer report because a new treasurer had not been selected.  A balance of $822.32 was reported by President Donnell.

        Motion to approve the report was made by John Cherry, second by Ken Duncan.

        Motion was approved.


Ken Duncan reported that a fan was placed on the 444.675 repeater  about 4 weeks ago & it is functioning OK now.  He also reported the 147.060 repeater is fuzzy and hard to hit.  SWR on the receive antenna was 4.6.  The repeater tends to fade with higher humidity.  The antenna and coax will be checked with a professional analyzer to see if that is the problem.

        Motion to accept the report made by Greg Adams, second by Kathy Cherry.

        Motion approved.


Larry Yarborough reported 45 check-ins, 7 re-checks to the VHF net.

Johnny Rentfro reported 56 check-ins on the UHF net.

        Motion to accept net reports by Kathy Cherry, second by Coralee Duncan

        Motion approved.


John Cherry reported 3,385 web visits.  He explained that the count is for first-time visitors only.  Repeat visits to the website are not counted.

        Motion to approve by Kathy Cherry, second by Gerald Carlberg.

        Motion approved.


Kathy Cherry volunteered to serve as club Treasurer since the banking can now be done on-line.  She stated she could not drive from Miami to Pryor Bank First to conduct the club business.

        Kathy was declared Treasurer by unanimous acclimation.


Spavinaw's Mickey Mantle Day special event station was discussed.  David Lebow briefed the club on what is involved. Johnny Rentfro encouraged the members to support it since it is a club sponsored event. Five members agreed to attend.  Ken Duncan stated club equipment can be used since this is an official club event.  The special event call sign is W5M.



Under New Business the following was discussed:


President Steve Donnell stated the Executive Board voted to rent a Post Office box for the club.  The mail has been going to a personal address & it needs to go to a central location where all the officers have access.

        The address is:  Mayes County Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 1195, Pryor, OK 74361.


John Cherry made a motion to donate $50 to QSL to support our website.

        Motion to approve by Ken Duncan, second by Johnny Rentfro.

        Motion approved


Ken Duncan ask the club to donate $10 to the Oklahoma Repeater Society, Inc.  ORSI is a volunteer organization that coordinates all repeater frequencies/ locations.

        Motion to approve by John Cherry, second by Kathy Cherry.


A presentation on how to rescue and repair TRAM 1481 vertical antennas was made by Vic Nichols. The 1481 is a GP9 clone dual band UHF/VHF antenna. The epoxy seal breaks & water collects around the antenna connection. He stated he had a spare antenna and if any club members have one that needs repair he will swap antennas & make the repairs to replace the spare.


A new club logo was presented by Steve Donnell.  A motion to adopt the logo was made by Ken Duncan.  Seconded by Jimmy Chambers.  Webmaster John Cherry objected to the new logo since everyone was used to seeing the old MCARC letters on the website and other club material.

Ken rescinded the motion if we want to keep the old one. No vote to adopt the new logo was made.


Steve presented a new membership application, letterhead and hatpin using the new logo.  He also presented a tri-fold pamphlet to provide information to prospective members. He stated the club has three different information sources on line.  There is the website, a yahoo group and a facebook page.  He also gave out a new email address, [email protected].


Discussion was made on an email membership application.  A motion to table adoption was made by Johnny Rentfro, seconded by Jimmy Chambers.  Motion carried.


After a short presentation on the MCARC history Victor Nichols agreed to be the club historian.  A motion to approve was made by John Cherry, second by Ken Duncan. Motion passed.


Discussion was made by Coralee Duncan about participating in the Pryor Min Street's Third Thursday.  It is a city-wide promotion held April through September.  Steve Donnell also mentioned getting involved with the Boys & Girls club.  Coralee also stated the club could make an appearance at the Sept. 3 Freedom Fest.


The raffle was won by Greg Adams.  He was given a multimeter.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M.



Prepared by David Lebow /MCARC Secretary /August 26, 2017.