July 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes-Mayes County Amateur Radio Club 07/28/2017


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm July 28 2017 by Jim Chambers (VP)


Then Pledge of Allegiance  was observed. At that time Jim Chambers (Vice Pres.) called for members to announce call sign, name and where they live.

There were 21 in attendance

 The minutes of the May 2017 Meeting were read by Coralee Duncan, motion was made and approved.

There were no minutes for June 2017 meeting was Field Day

 Treasurer’s report: as read my Coralee Duncan, motion was made and approved.

 Repeater Report : Ken Duncan said the 440 machine was getting over heated he stated he was going to put fan on it before Johnny Rentfro’s next net on Wed. to see if it helps.

 Larry Yarborough net :   53 checkins, 3 rechecks for July 2017

 Johnny Rentfro net: 55 for July 2017

 Web Site:  3199  as of July 28 2017

 Old Business:  Field Day report by Ken Duncan said all went well , kind of fell apart but all and all it went well.

 Jim Chambers (Vice Pres.) announced that our President and Secretary and Treasurer had resigned from there position.

 NEW BUSINESS:    Election of officers : President

                                    Election of officers:  Secretary

                                    Election of officers:  Treasurer


Mike Duffell, Steve Donnell were nominated for President a vote was called by a show of hands, Steve Donnell was the winner and is now the President of MCARC.

 David Lebow volunteered for Secretary of MCARC

 Steve Donnell asked if the Vote for Treasurer could be tabled to the next meeting because there was no one at this time to take this position. Motion and Approved


 A Motion to Adjourn was made,   The Motion passed at (7:32 PM)   


                        Prepared by Kathy Cherry   KC5MXX   07/28/2017