May 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes-Mayes County Amateur Radio Club – 05/22/2017


 Meeting was called to order at 1859 (6:59pm), by John Simon, MCARC President.

Sign-in sheet was passed around, with 4 Officer, 22 members and guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Self-Introductions were made and a Quorum was announced.


 The Minutes for the April meeting was read by Tera Simon, MCARC Secretary

 There was no additional discussion and a Motion to Accept the Minutes as read was made by Gerald Carlburg; Seconded by John Rentfro. The Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Coralee Duncan, MCARC Treasurer.  A Motion to Accept the Treasurer’s Report as read was made by Larry Yarbrough; Seconded by Chris Redman. The Motion passed.

Repeater Report: Ken Duncan reported that some people are leaving on APRS, other than that all is well with repeaters.

Net Coordinator’s Report: Larry Yarbrough reported the VHF net for the month of May had 51 check-ins and 4 rechecks.   Johnny Rentfro reported the UHF net in May had 72 check-ins.  No report available for the website. 

Unfinished/Old Business: David Lebow advised nothing new to report for Mickey Mantle days.  Ken Duncan still needing list of items emailed to him that individuals are bringing for field day.  If you are bringing a radio and want to be the one operating make sure to let Ken Duncan know.  Still needing volunteers for the night shift.  Ken Duncan made motion to allocate $50 to order brochures and handouts for field day, Johnny Rentfro seconded motion, motion passed.

New Business:  There was no new business.     


A Motion to Adjourn was made by Greg Adams and Seconded by Jim Chambers. The Motion passed at 1939 (7:39pm).


 Prepared by Tera Simon/MCARC Secretary May 22, 2017.