March 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes-Mayes County Amateur Radio Club – 03/31/2017



Meeting was called to order at 1859 (6:59pm), by John Simon, MCARC President.

Sign-in sheet was passed around, with 4 Officer, 24 members and guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Self-Introductions were made and a Quorum was announced.


 The Minutes for the February meeting was read by Tera Simon, MCARC Secretary

 There was no additional discussion and a Motion to Accept the Minutes as read was made by Johnny Rentfro; Seconded by Mike Duffell. The Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Coralee Duncan, MCARC Treasurer.  A Motion to Accept the Treasurer’s Report as read was made by Larry Yarbrough; Seconded by Johnny Rentfro. The Motion passed.

Repeater Report: Ken Duncan reported that all the repeaters are working well.


Net Coordinator’s Report: Larry Yarbrough reported the VHF net for the month of February had 72 check-ins and 10 rechecks.   Johnny Rentfro reported the UHF net in February had 84 check-ins. 

Unfinished Business: Inventory has been completed.  Club is still in discussion about Mickey Mantle days in Spavinaw.  Coralee Duncan brought up Green Country Ham fest and what the club could do to be noticed.  By-Law committee will present final recommendation for updates at April meeting.  Ken Duncan is still checking on taking people up to the repeater site.


New Business:  Field day discussion was held and Ken Duncan advised that a decision would need to be made on location.  Greg Adams advised that the announcement was already in “The Paper”.  Coralee Duncan made motion to continue to hold field day in Pryor, Greg Adams seconded, all approved the motion passed.  Ken Duncan and Johnny Rentfro will be Field Day Coordinators.  Coordinators will check into the availability of using the Sub Club trailer and antenna.  Invitations will be extended to the Grand Lake club and Sub Club to join MCARC for field day.   Jim Chambers announced that there will be a makeup Conceal and Carry Class on April 15 at Ken and Coralee Duncan lake house.  Coralee Duncan advised that the information on the ARRL website needs to be updated for the club.  John Simon said he would review and update as needed.

Walt Kenyon gave an informative presentation on the many different options for digital radio.


A Motion to Adjourn was made by Greg Adams and Seconded by Mike Duffell. The Motion passed at 2018 (8:18pm).




Prepared by Tera Simon/MCARC Secretary March 31, 2017.