February 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes-Mayes County Amateur Radio Club – 02/24/2017


Meeting was called to order at 1900 (7:00pm), by John Simon, MCARC President.

Sign-in sheet was passed around, with 4 Officer, 23 members and guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Self-Introductions were made and a Quorum was announced.


Tera Simon, MCARC Secretary, read The Minutes for the January meeting; John Simon-President made an amendment to January minutes to include the following; As of January 27, 2017 the outgoing officers of MCARC are President-Steven Johnson; Vice-President-John Simon; Secretary-Treasurer-David Stiteler.  The elected new officers are President-John Simon; Vice-President-Jim Chambers; Secretary-Tera Simon; Treasurer-Corlaee Duncan.  John Cherry made the motion to accept the amendment and Johnny Rentfro seconded the motion, motion passed.   There was no additional discussion and a Motion to Accept the Minutes as read was made by Johnny Rentfro; Seconded by Gerald Carlburg. The Motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Coralee Duncan, MCARC Treasurer.  A Motion to Accept the Treasurer’s Report as read was made by Greg Adams; Seconded by Johnny Rentfro. The Motion passed.

Repeater Report: Ken Duncan reported that all the repeaters are working well.


Net Coordinator’s Report: Larry Yarbrough reported the VHF net for the month of January had 54 check-ins and 3 rechecks.   Johnny Rentfro reported the UHF net in January had 63 check-ins.  Doc John Cherry reported for the website a total of 2,592 looks so far.

Unfinished Business: Ken Duncan and John Simon will take care of the inventory before the March meeting.  Club is still in discussion about Mickey Mantle days in Spavinaw.  Ken Duncan presented a list of events in the Mayes county area that the club can participate in.

March 28,29 & 30- Mid America Farm Expo-Salina

April 7th & 8th Green Country Ham fest-Claremore

May 13 Founders Day- Locust Grove

June 24 & 25th Field Day

July 22 Cowboy Trading Days-Pryor

September 9th Dam Jam Bicycle Race-Pryor

September 17th Amish Black Buggy Days-Chouteau

October 28 Mickey Mantle Days-Spavinaw

Nov—Boy Scouts on the Air Jamboree-Pryor

Tera Simon will check into the fall event in Adair


New Business:  The by-law committee presented their recommendations for updates and changes to the current club by-laws, after discussion about the recommendations it was decided that the committee would take the feed back given, primarily Article I: Membership and Johnny Rentfro suggested that anyone who had suggestions for the committee email the committee members.  Rogers County radio club has invited the Mayes county club to join them in Claremore for field day at the Elks Lodge grounds.  Discussion was held and all agreed to continue discussion at later date.  Jim Chambers reminded everyone that the Grand Lake club would like to join us for field day as well.  Coralee Duncan explained that Monday 02/27/17 Jim Chambers, herself and David Stiteler will meet at Bank First in Claremore to get the signature card taken care of.  Coralee Duncan advised of two items that the club would need to approve for reimbursement.  Coralee used her personal credit card to pay the club insurance of $200.00 and Johnny Rentfro paid the rental fee for the tables at the upcoming Green Country Ham fest.  Larry Yarbrough made motion to pay the reimbursements and Jim Chambers seconded the motion.  Motion passed. Coralee Duncan also ask about just having one total on the treasurer report to simplify things instead of breaking down regular account balance and repeater fund, she will still continue to keep notes as to donations and what goes to the repeater fund but for reporting purpose in treasurer report will just be one total.  Larry Yarbrough made motion to have just one total and John Cherry seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Ken Duncan is going to check into taking people to the repeater sights.  Jim Chambers announced that the club will be having a conceal and carry gun class and certification on March 4 at Ken and Coralee Duncan lake house.  Steve Donnell will be the instructor and handed out directions and needed information that will need to be brought to participate in class, lunch will be served.


A Motion to Adjourn was made by John Simon and Seconded by Gerald Carlburg. The Motion passed at 2026 (8:26pm).




Prepared by Tera Simon/MCARC Secretary February 24, 2017.