January 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes-Mayes County Amateur Radio Club Ė 01/27/2017


Meeting was called to order at 1903 (7:03pm), by John Simon, MCARC Vice-President.

Sign-in sheet was passed around, with 1 Officer, 28 members and guests present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Self-Introductions were made and a Quorum was announced.

Moment of silence for silent key was held for Dave Hardy-KG5G0A†

The Minutes for the October meeting was read by Tera Simon, MCARC member.†† There was no discussion and a Motion to Accept the Minutes as read was made by Johnny Rentfro; Seconded by John Cherry. The Motion passed.

The Treasurerís Report was read by Coralee Duncan, MCARC member.† A Motion to Accept the Treasurerís Report as read was made by Johnny Rentfro; Seconded by Kathy Cherry. The Motion passed.

Repeater Report: Ken Duncan reported that all the repeaters are working well.† Still having some issues with cur chunking.† The 444.675 repeater in Pryor is not being used, if anyone would like to start a net that repeater is available.

Net Coordinatorís Report: Larry Yarbrough reported the VHF net for the month of November had 42 check-ins and 10 rechecks, December had 12 check-ins and 10 rechecks, Jan 2017 had 46 check-ins and 2 rechecks.†† Johnny Rentfro reported the UHF net in November had 68 check-ins, December had 83 check-ins and January 2017 had 48 check-ins.† Doc John Cherry reported for the website a total of 2,336 looks so far.

Unfinished Business: Ken Duncan will have information at the February meeting for area events that the club might be able to setup at to introduce people to the Amateur Radio club and hobby.† Club is still in discussion about Mickey Mantle days in Spavinaw.† David Lebow will have some additional information at the next meeting.

New Business:† The question was brought up of why Greg Adams would not be allowed to vote in the election.† Current by-laws require members be licensed radio operators to vote.† Motion was made by John Edwards and seconded by John Cherry to make Greg Adams a voting member due to his previous membership and previous time spent supporting and working for the club, motion was passed.†† Ballots for club officers were collected and tallied by Johnny Rentfro, Kathy Cherry and Chris Redman, by unanimous vote the following officers were voted into office; John Simon-President, Jim Chambers-Vice President, Tera Simon-Secretary and Coralee Duncan-Treasurer.† Johnny Rentfro discussed Green Country Ham fest and confirmed that MCARC does have tables reserved.† Mark Andrasko invited the club to participate in the Boy Scout Jamboree in November he is a Scout leader for local troop in Mayes County.† A suggestion was made that the by-laws be reviewed and updated now that the club has grown.† By-Law committee was formed with Jim Chambers, Johnny Rentfro, Gerald Carlburg and Jon Edwards.† The committee will present recommendations at the February meeting.† Ken Duncan recommended if anyone has suggestions on the by-laws to let a committee member know so that all information can be taken into consideration.† John Simon brought up the Parody Act and advised that the bill has been changed to House bill 555.† Wes Kick expressed his concern about being too big of a span between meetings when we forgo meetings in November and December due to the holidays, ask if we could try to work something out where we donít skip meetings those months.† Ken Duncan reported that the club has a Yahoo Group that is not being used and instructed everyone how to sign up and join the group.† Ken and Johnny Rentfro will work to get everyone approved for the group.† Tera Simon ask about the club Facebook page that was active, Coralee Duncan made motion to let the old page phase out and a new page be created, Ken Duncan seconded the motion.† Motion passed.


A Motion to Adjourn was made by Larry Yarbrough and Seconded by John Cherry. The Motion passed at 1957 (7:57pm).




Prepared by Tera Simon/MCARC Secretary January 27, 2017.