The 11 o’clock Roundtable On 147.060  Nightly

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There are two nightly events on the great coverage MCARC 147.06 + offset
88.5 PL tone Repeater located about 4 miles West of Pryor, OK you are
invited to join us if you have a valid ham radio license, any class. 
This repeater has great coverage, give us a call and say hello.

At 10 PM or so we start gathering in the parking lot for the
"Tailgater," sitting around with the grills going eating BBQ and
chatting with each other.  Usually someone starts it up, but it is not a
moderated net, just a friendly discussion among those who would like to
participate in the comradely of ham radio.  If no one seems to be
talking, throw out your call sign, they might just be chewing on some
rib bones and not talking at the time.  Usually someone is around.

At 11 PM we move into the Coliseum where it is more climate controlled
and comfortable, in the winter we have the fire place going.  Here we
have the great "Round Table" with comfortable chairs to discuss many ham
radio related and other topic items most nights for those who would like
to stay up late or come in late to join in.

We pride ourselves in our comfortable chairs, we have been told they are
as comfortable as the chairs you have at home in your shack. Some people
have actually been know to sit and meditate for a while in them later in
the evenings.  We are always coming up with different ways to prepare
our favorite official food, Bacon.  We are a helpful group of hams with
a wide area of knowledge.  You can be assured that if there are 6 of us,
we can give you at least 8 opinions to think about to help you with your

If we are on a hot topic and some of us are quick keying back and forth,
we invite you to double with us.  Unlike other places on the radio, we
do not get upset, doubling is the way we know you are out there and
would like to make a comment.

We ask you to give us your call sign, first name, and general location
when you check in.  We all try to remember to do this when we check in
whether it is our first time on or our 300th time on so people can get
familiar with each of us.

Join in when you can.  Ken WB5Y


Q & A

         Q.  What time is the Round Table?

         A.   11:00 pm or 23:00 nightly.


         Q.  Where is the Round Table (frequency)?

         A.   It is on 2m 147.060  + 88.5 pl.


         Q.   What do you talk about on the round table?

         A.   Just about anything and everything, from radios and antennas

                to baking bread on Mars. We kind of stay away from religion

                and politics. If you don't like what we're talking about breaking

                up and new topic.


         Q.   What if I cannot get in because of the quick keys?

         A.    We sometimes do a quick key. If you cannot get in just double

                 with us. Someone will hear you and let you in.


         Q.    Do I have to talk or can I just listen?

         A.     No you don't have to talk. We have several that just like to listen.

                  But we still like to know who's out there so at least key up and

                  let us know you're listening.


         Q.     How long each night does a round table go on?

         A.     Times very, sometimes 1 or 2 maybe 3 or 4 it is anyone's guess.

                  So if you're a night owl, just can't sleep or just a very early bird.

                  Come join us for the fun.




















The 11 o'clock Round Table is like the name says a round table.  It is not a net. It is a group of amateurs that get together on a nightly basis.