For ladies with an amateur radio license or 3rd Party 

We meet each and every Tuesday night at 9 o'clock on the Mayes County Amateur Radio Club's 147.060 Repeater PL 88.5 +, located in Pryor in Northeastern Oklahoma.

This net introduces you to a welcoming group of ladies who check in to the Ladies Radio Time to say hello to each other, make comments about our day or a project we're working on, share information about our families or pets, and give tips about how to do something. We listen, ask questions, and share what we know. There is no designated net control--but one of us always starts up at 9 PM and asks if anyone wants to check in. If you don't yet have an amateur radio license, you can still check in 3rd Party with a licensed ham sitting near you. If you miss a Tuesday night, no worries, just check in the next Tuesday you're available. Remember, we would love to have you drop in to say hello or make a comment and join the discussion. If you have questions about amateur (ham) radio or the Tuesday night Ladies Radio Time, post your question on the Facebook page and you'll receive an answer.

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Online courses for the ham radio license exams.

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