Monroe County WX3OES
RACES / ARES Net Preamble
8:30 p.m. Sunday on 146.865 minus offset, PL 100.0

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Monroe County RACES/ARES Net.
My name is ________ and my call is ________. I am located in ________ Pennsylvania, and I will be your net control for this evening. This net meets every Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m. and is brought to you through the courtesy of the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management. (DROP CARRIER)

At this time, do we have any emergency or priority traffic, please call net control, ________. (DROP CARRIER)

RACES, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, is an activity of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was originally established in 1952 with the help of the ARRL to enable an official amateur radio network during a national security crisis. It incorporates FEMA and PEMA, as well as the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management (MCOEM), and can continue operating when normal amateur operations are suspended during a national emergency. (DROP CARRIER)

ARES, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, has agreements with FEMA, the National Communication System, the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Red Cross, as well as other public service emergency-oriented organizations. It was developed by the ARRL in 1935 to provide amateur communication in times of emergency for other public service organizations. Unlike RACES, it requires no special authorization for its use, and participates with RACES during declared emergencies. (DROP CARRIER)

This is a directed net, which means all communications come through net control. Please do not break or interrupt unless you have emergency or priority traffic. When checking into the net, please state my call, ________, let the carrier drop to prevent doubles, then, state your call, name and location. This net is open to all licensed amateurs in the area of this repeater's coverage. (DROP CARRIER)

(Pause for 5 seconds after the carrier drops. Start to take check-ins from mobile or portable stations. Then, check in any other amateurs wishing to join the net.)

(Get comments from all persons who have checked in. After this, call for additional check-ins. After the first round of comments, give announcements, and also ask if there are any other announcements. Then, go back to the top of the list and ask for closing comments.)

When done, give the number of check-ins and close with: I would like to thank the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management for the use of this repeater, and return it back to casual amateur use at ________ hours local time. This is ________ clearing the frequency.

73 and good night.