Meeting minutes: 4/7/2000
 Present at the meeting

Jeffrey Mungovan KB1ELD, 
Chris Edscorn N0CUH,
Luke Edscorn N1YVC, 
Curt Hunnewell N1POF, 
Harold Sands KA1IAY, 
Barry Furnival K1BJF, 
Dereck W1WWW. 

1.  Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

2.  Signed constitution and election of officers as follows:

President: Chris Edscorn N0CUH, 
Vice President: Barry Furnival K1BJF, 
Treasurer: Luke Edscorn N1YVC,
Secretary: Jeffrey Mungovan KB1ELD

All with a 1 Year term. 

3. Suggestions on how to get the word out about the club:

List it on 
List it on 
New Hampshire club listings 
Put in the Monadnock Ledger 

4. Discussed finding a permanent meeting place. Suggestions:
Public school, 
Civic Center, 
Women’s Club, 
Nieson Hall, 
Curt Hunnewell’s home

Barry, K1BJF will contact the school.

5.  Jeff, KB1ELD informed the members about up coming events that need Hams. Dereck, W1WWW
also informed the members of the bike race needing Hams.

6.  Talked about the packet station, IPNH at Crotched Mountain and how the club could volunteer to help with it's operations when needed.

7.  Chris, N0CUH suggested that the club stay focused on ARES, but other things the members should think about are:
Hosting a local repeater,
fun events,
fund raisers,
public service events

8.  The following events are coming up in town that the club may be able to provide some help with:
John Morgan Road race, 
Atlas fireworks show

9. Chris, N0CUH wanted to know if the club should invite speakers to come and give talks at upcoming meetings. The members unanimously voted yes.

10.  Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm

Respectfully submitted: Jeffrey Mungovan KB1ELD

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