Airmail to AGW packet engine linker
AMPE1.6 the original one channel linker and AMPE streams 2.2 the ten channel linker for Airmail packet server module. With packet engine radio port selection from the Airmail packet module.

Airmail 3.3.081 does contain a TCP port for the packet modules. Thanks Jim for sharing the means to open the TCP port. This means that no virtual serial port connection is needed to connect Airmail 3.3.081 to the AGW packet engine All that is needed is Airmail, AGW packet engine and AMPE. This makes a more elegant installation than the confusing virtual serial port method. Basically, in the Airmail packet module setup window. Select the KAM+ tnc. In the Com port box enter T8200 if using AMPEstreams default port or T8100 if using AMPE1.6 default port. A revised AMPE help file is available
here. AMPE users should refer to this help file. Replace your existing AMPE help file with this if you like. I'll leave the virtual serial port setup posted for Airmail users using version 3.4.034
The Airmail packet server module can be interfaced to a KAM+ tnc or the AMPEstreams emulator running on windows XP. Heretofore believed to be incompatible. The secret is in the Airmail.ini file. Enable the Airmail packet server in the tools/modules menu. Select a tnc in the drop down window. I used the first one. Select the communications port and parameters to match your interface. Now close Airmail and edit the Airmail.ini file. In the (Packet Server) section change the decoder type to KAM+. Save the ini file and start Airmail and its packet server. The help file in AMPEstreams will be revised when time allows.

These versions exploit a tcp socket in Airmail version 3.2.035 to tie the Airmail packet client and/or the Airmail packet server module to the AGW packet engine. You can use these linkers with other/newer versions of Airmail that do not have the tcp socket by using a third party (virtual) serial port to tcp linker program. I use LABTAM ReMapPro 2.1 on 98 and ME. HW VSP from HW group which is a free (virtual) serial port to tcp bridge for windows 2K and XP. There are many more.

Latest help file


Note: Changing the packet parameters in the Airmail packet client module will confuse the AMPE1.6. Best to leave the Airmail packet parameters as they are on new install. The Packet Engine has the only control over the packet parameters anyway.



This is the configuration I use for HW VSP: (Not necessary for Airmail 3.3.081. See News.)

HW virtual serial port settings:

IP address
Port 8100 for AMPE16 8200 for AMPEstreams21
Port Name COM7
Server Port 0
NVT 2217 No
Device Mode Server

Ethernet Status:

Client Connection Connected
server Connection -
VS Port Status Opened
Baud -
Bits -
Parity -
Stop Bits -
Handflow -

Settings tab:

TEA key Use TEA Auth. NOT checked
NVT NVT Enable NOT checked
Log files enabled NOT checked
HW VSP works as the TCP server only NOT checked
Create VSP Port when HW VSP startup CHECKED
Hide to tray when HW VSP startup CHECKED
Don't create VSP Port if Ping to remote device failed NOT checked
Connect to device, even if VSP Port is closed CHECKED
Use Ping to keep connection NOT checked
Renew automatically NOT checked
Reset VSP Port driver when first instance of HW VSP is executing CHECKED
Virtual Loopback NOT checked
External NVT commands control remote I/O NOT checked
Start HW VSP with windows startup NOT checked