NEC Source Code

Alan Bain (M5AIQ)
This page is an attempt to collect together various versions of the FORTRAN source code for NEC the Numerical Electromagnetic Code produced by Laurence Livermore Laboratories in order to establish a know working version.

Some Goals


If you have any versions of the NEC2 fortran then I would be interested to hear from you. Please mail me ([email protected]) with information! Similarly comments on code which won't compile, errors etc. are most welcome.


This archive is fairly small at the moment and I hope that it will grow. Numbers in parentheses are the RCS version numbers of the code from my copy.

Tutorial Material

To a first time user, especially someone not acquainted with FORTRAN programs in the `good old days' NEC can seem quite intimidating. It expects the input to be in the format of `cards', and the manual even includes pictures of how to punch them! The output is equally obscure since the program was originally designed for batch execution. These days, on a modern workstation things are much simpler. The following tutorial material may be of some use Note that some parts are not yet available on line.

NEC Links

The following sites contain useful information about NEC