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Repairs and Modifications
(Yaesu and Tait)
please scroll down for the Tait
please scroll down even further for the Icom Speaker Mic


 Yaesu FT 227 R

Replacing the audio chip


despite replacing the chip, the radio is still very very quiet on receive

any ideas ????????


FT 26 memory battery


TAIT 500 series
variable power on the front panel and the 4 CHANNEL Modification

2K2 variable

Remove the on board preset
and add the Variable to the front panel

Just use a small screwdriver to adjust RF Power

Mic Connections for a TNC

Adding extra frequencies to the TAIT 525 4m radio
Now before you all start screaming "why not do the 99 channel MOD"
let me just say this...................

1. I am lazy and ......................
2. four frequencies is enough for me,
 it gives me the calling channel,
the MB7FM parrot repeater,
and two simplex channels.

Above are two extra DPDT toggle switches for the extra frequencies

The LEFT toggle is for channel 1, and the RIGHT toggle is for channel 2

Above shows the rear of the toggle switches wired to the diode matrix board

each diode matrix has a separate set of diodes for TX and RX on the two channels

DIODE A1 is the diode that adds 12.5KHz to the frequency.

All that is required is to switch in or out A1 on both the RX and TX side to go up or down 12.5KHz

In my example, I have the main channels programmed as follows

CH 1 70.425 MHz

CH 2 70.450 MHz

by switching out DIODE A1  CH 1 becomes 70.4375 MHz
therefore by switching out DIODE A1 CH 2 becomes 70.4625 MHz

as you can see from the above screenshot, just by removing A1 gives the 12.5 KHz jump.

and again, by removing A1 gives the 12.5 KHz jump.

so removing the A1 link adds 12.5 KHz

I hope this will help someone.
This MOD will, of course, work on all the TAIT 500 series 2 channel radios,
should two frequencies not be enough, but four frequencies are adequate for your needs.

There is of course a wealth of information out there if you wish to construct the 99 channel MOD, if you do, good luck.

convert for use on a Yaesu

Its a simple modification, just add a 2.2k resistor
this will allow you to use the Icom Speaker Mics on
Yaesu Radios wih the same TWO PRONG connectors
(3.5mm and 2.5mm)

Above ICOM EM-46 (NO MOD)

Above ICOM HM-46 (2.2k Resistor Added)

Its virtually the same place on either speaker mic
Both of them now work on my Yaesu's as well as my Icom's
The only difference is that when used on a Yaesu, the red LED on the front will not light.
Everything else, TX/RX Modulation and Audio are the same

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