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This one works... Max233 interface for AR8000 / Scout

New - Photo's Photo 1 of interface for AR8000 / Scout

Photo 2 of interface for AR8000 / Scout

New - MS Agent Demo's Merlin Demo
Merlin's Set-up Files

M1 CSC - Sam's Test Page

Currently undertaking a MAJOR rework of my websites.
The following sites will be moved here soon...  Old Index here... Old Index

I'll be building a new PC soon and I've not put one together before...
My old one (Pentium 200 MMX, 32MB RAM, 2 GB Hard-drive with an ATI rage video card) isn't up to the spec needed for playing...

Half-life & Quake 3 :)

Feel free to offer advice.
Email me : Sam Swancutt

Interested in scanners (radio) and PC's.

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