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This Page aims to help others who are new to the hobby or new to digital modes

One of the things i had problems with when i started listening, and once i passed my foundation license was "what frequency do i find something on?" or "what is that signal on that frequency?"

Some things like FT8 are easy as they come pre-populated in the WSJT-x software, but i you stumble on the ghostly sound of FT8/FT4 but don't know what mode it is you don't know to use WSJT-x to decode / send it how do you kno what it is or the software you need to decode it?

All of the frequencies listed below are relevant to UK Amateurs, if you are not in the UK then check your license / local regulations as not all bands and frequencies are permissible in some countries

All links to software go to the main / Software Authors page

If you have any frequencies you would like me to add, then please email me @ m0pwx at outlook dot com



Software to
recieve Mode

        160m         1.840 (USB) (Main)
          80m         3.573 (USB) (Main)
          60m         5.357 (USB) (Main) UK (Full Lic Only)
                          Use only up to 1000hz in W/Fall on 60m
          40m         7.074 (USB) (Main)
          30m       10.136 (USB) (Main)
          20m       14.074 (USB) (Main)
          17m       18.100 (USB) (Main)
          15m       21.074 (USB) (Main)
          12m       24.915 (USB) (Main)
          10m       28.074 (USB) (Main)
            6m       50.313 (USB) (Main)
            6m       50.323 Intercontinental DX
            4m       70.100 (USB) (Main)
            2m     144.174 (USB) (Main)


WSJT-x Download link
          80m         3.575 (USB) (Main)
          40m         7.0475 (USB) (Main)
          30m       10.140 (USB) (Main)
          20m       14.080 (USB) (Main)
          17m       18.104 (USB) (Main)
          15m       21.140 (USB) (Main)
          12m       24.919 (USB) (Main)
          10m       28.180 (USB) (Main)
            6m       50.318 (USB) (Main)
            2m     144.170 (USB) (Main)


WSJT-x Download link
        160m         1.842 (USB) (Main)
          40m         7.078 (USB) (Main)
          30m       10.130 (USB) (Main)
          20m       14.078 (USB) (Main)
          17m       18.104 (USB) (Main)
          15m       21.078 (USB) (Main)
          10m       28.078 (USB) (Main)
            6m       50.328 (USB) (Main)


JS8Call Download link
Analogue SSTV
        160m         1.890 (LSB) (Main)
          80m         3.730 (LSB) (Main)
          40m         7.171 (LSB) (Main)
          30m       10.132 (USB) (Main) Use narrow mode MP73N
          20m       14.230 (USB) (Main activity on HF)
          15m       21.340 (USB) (Main)
          12m       24.975 (USB) (Main)
          10m       28.680 (USB) (Main) other common band
            6m       50.680 (FM)
            6m       50.950 (USB)
            2m     144.500 (USB) (Main)

Yoniq SSTV

Yoniq SSTV Download link
PSK31 & PSK63
          40m         7.040 (USB) (Main)
          20m       14.070 (USB) (Main)


FLDigi Download link
          40m         7.042 (USB) (Main)


FLDigi Download link
Olivia (16/500)
        BAND         Dial Freq   Tones/BW       Notes
        160m         1.8375 USB     8/250          (Region 1, etc.; Primary Intl)
        160m         1.8255 USB     8/250          (Region 2; Secondary)
          80m         3.5815 USB     8/250
          60m         5.3665 USB   16/500           UK (Full Lic Only)
          40m         7.0385 USB     8/250          (Region 2, etc., Primary Intl)
          40m         7.0715 USB     8/250          (Secondary)
          30m       10.1415 USB     8/250,
          30m       10.1425 USB   16/1000        (Potential - be mindful of other stations)
          20m       14.0715 USB     8/250
          20m       14.1060 USB   32/1000
          17m       18.1015 USB     8/250
          15m       21.0715 USB     8/250
          12m       24.9215 USB     8/250
          10m       28.1215 USB     8/250


FLDigi Download link

Forum on Group.IO


Olivia Digital Mode website,
lots of information about using the mode


Weather FAX Service

        published Freq       Dial Freq                   Notes
        3.855 USB             3.8531 USB               Hamburg, Germany
        7.880 USB             7.8781 USB               Hamburg, Germany


FLDigi Download link

Forum on Group.IO


VarAC HF Chat
          80m         3.595 MHz
          40m         7.105 MHz (Primary - night time)
          20m       14.105 MHz (Primary - day time)
                                              where you'll find most traffic
          30m       10.133 MHz
          17m       18.106 MHz
          15m       21.105 MHz
          12m       24.927 MHz
          10m       28.105 MHz
            6m       50.330 MHz


VarAC Download link

VarAC Main Page link

VarAC QuickStart link

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