Locator: IO70UU

Lat & Long 50.52.23N - 004.17.40W


History of the Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club


The Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club was founded by Don G7PFU & Don G0RQL in 2001,

Originally meetings were held in a local Public House,

Then the club changed venue to the local Scout HQ in Holsworthy

Following on to the 1st of March 2006 the club moved to Holsworthy Community College.,

The club as of the 13th Sept 2023 moved to the new venue at

Milton Damerel Methodist School Hall,

***Monthly meetings are now held on the first Wednesday of each month***

Meetings start at 19:00, Tea and Coffee available

Being in a rural location there are no neighbours within close proximity

Ample parking is in the car park opposite the Parish Hall.

Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club Callsign are M0OMC - MX0OMC

Email the Club Secretary for Further infomation.

Membership is open to all, licenced or shortwave listeners

Club Net: Will resume on the 5th Sept 2022 via GB3DN repeater starting at 19:00

Holsworthy ARC Holsworthy ARC Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club

Holsworthy ARC Club Forthcoming Events

Milton Damerel Parish Hall

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