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Welcome to the home pages of
          M0HMS ex M5ABM
Hello and welcome to my site, the ships crest above is that of HMS JUPITER the 1st of 3 leander class frigates I served on while in the Royal Navy.The other 2 being Galatea and Ajax, but my happiest memories of the mob was on Jupiter.
I was first licensed as a radio ham in 1992 with the call sign G7NQR and had this call until 1999 when I passed the 5 wpm cw test.Then over the last few weeks the UK has adopted this speed for a full license so I am now M0HMS.
With my Royal Naval background this was a call sign I asked for, and was pleased to get it.
I was not involved in comms in the navy but was a STOKER a bilge rat as some might say...but they couldnt keep up with us when ashore on the drink hihi.
Us stoker boys really new how to have a good time !! and pay the fines or do the 9's that went with it hihi
I must have had shares in the Jupiter hihi.
But as they say thats "life in a blue suit"

Happy days and if I could live them again I would of that there is no doubt and i'de still be a Stoker, it was always warm in the winter hihi.
This site will hopefully tell some of my tales if I can remember them and also will tell of my radio activities since I got the HF call sign.
I hope you enjoy it, there will also be links to other sites of interest.
Thanks for dropping by and please enjoy.
Any comments would be welcome.
[email protected]
And finally for this page many thanks to for the web space.If you are a radio ham join and start your own site.
It is a privilage and an honour to recieve this award from a fellow FISTS member
Remember this Plymouth railway station.
Real old radio.
Last updated 23rd  Jan 2002
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