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Does anyone remember…?

G3HSC (S.N.Bennet) and his “Rhythm“ method for learning Morse.

My Short Wave Listening went back to 1963.

10 years later I decided I wanted to understand some of the Morse Code being heard on the amateur bands. No de-coding software or Apps to download, it was a case of getting to know the code by listening.

To his credit G3HSC recognised a niche market and produced two vinyl LP discs plus an EP test disc to help aspiring operators.

Record One was a Beginners course taking the student up to 20 w.p.m. on both sides and played at the 3 record deck speeds 33/45/78 r.p.m.

Record Two was an Advanced course up to 42w.p.m. and played progressively at the 3 speeds.

Record 3 was an E.P. format and recorded in “Strict Tempo” to simulate the format of the then necessary GPO Test at 12 wpm but could be speeded up on your record player to 21 wpm.

Each vinyl record had its own crib pamphlet with correct signals so you could check your receiving accuracy.

Did it work?

Well I used it and learned basics but familiarity with what comes next somewhat defeated the purpose of the exercise!

It was to be another20 years before I passed the 12 wpm test!

Oh, and I still have complete set of records but no record player!

Graham M0AEP

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