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Updated 02/05/2009

My station is located in the seaside resort town of Cromer, on the North Norfolk coast, about 2km from the sea, at a height of 67 metres above mean sea level. The town faces north, and looks out across the North Sea.


The following links are suggested for your enjoyment.

Station (MØ CNP and G8NEO)….page 1

(A brief history of myself, David Edwards, MØ CNP and my family from my days as an SWL to now)

I am a member (or past member) of the following organisations, societies, etc and they all contribute to my enjoyment of my various hobbies and pastimes

Blakeney Mariners Light (GB2BML)....GB2BML

(All about our activity at St Nicholas Church, Blakeney, North Norfolk, lighthouse weekend, 16/17 August, 2003)

North Norfolk RAYNET group….Norfolk County Raynet

(A voluntary organisation of amateurs and SWL’s providing radio communications in emergency situations)

The Muckleburgh Collection….Muckleburgh

The web site of the Muckleburgh Military Museum, Weybourne, North Norfolk

Remote Imaging Group (RIG)....http://www.rig.org.uk/

(For those interested in receiving weather and ground images from polar orbiting and geo-stationary satellites)

British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BARTG)….http://www.bartg.demon.co.uk/

(For those interested in all data modes of communication, cw, psk31, amtor, pactor, and including my favourite, RTTY

British Amateur Television Club (BATC)....http://www.batc.org.uk/

(For those interested in transmitting and receiving high definition fast scan television pictures and programmes)

Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)....http://www.rsgb.org/

(Supports all activities for the amateur radio enthusiast)

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)....http://www.lifeboats.org.uk/

(All about the great rescue work undertaken by our volunteer lifeboat crews around Britain)

G-QRP Club....http://www.gqrp.demon.co.uk/

(Devoted to the lovers of all modes of low power communication)


(For those who seek to communicate with each other via earth orbiting satellites. Very exciting!)


(For the keen and dedicated cw operator, seeking to preserve morse code)

Coast to County Hospital Radio, Cromer....http://www.northnorfolk.gov.uk/hospital

(All about our voluntary activities to serve patients at Cromer and Kelling Hospitals with music and entertainment)

VHF Communications....http://vhfcomm.co.uk/

(For those into construction and homebrew of VHF and UHF communications equipment)


The site for the serious QSL card collector, and details of GB200CLB

Radio Amateur Invalid and Blind Club….http://www.raibc.org.uk/

(The site for those who are physically or mentally impaired, just like me)

Chiltern DX Club….http://www.cdxc.org.uk/

(For the very serious DX chaser)

Worked All Britain Awards…..http://www.worked-all-britain.co.uk/

(A fascinating set of awards to be strived for)

Sheringham and District Philatelic Society

(Our local stamp club, which meets every 2nd Monday of the month (except August) in the Village Hall, West Runton)

Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society....http://www.mandgn.co.uk/

(Supporting the North Norfolk Railway between Sheringham and Holt)

My best friend’s website….http://www.g0gfq.com/

(North Norfolk’s No 2 DX operator)

Bittern DX Group, MØNBG.…http://www.bittern-dxers.org.uk/

(The new radio group in North Norfolk dedicated to operating DX, field days, lighthouses, mills, museums, etc and details of GB200CLB)

Cromer Lifeboat.…http://www.cromerlifeboats.org.uk/

(The Cromer Lifeboat website)

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club.…NARC

(See the activities of the Norfolk amateur radio club)

Norfolk Norfolk Amateur Radio Group.…NNARG

(See the activities of the North Norfolk amateur radio group at the Muckleburgh Collection)


If you would care to drop me a line you can do so to my Email address, which is as follows:


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