The term "M.E.P.T." explained.

(So What's a M.E.P.T. ??)

So What's a M.E.P.T. ??
In many countries the amateur radio license forbids the licensee to operate a "Beacon" without first obtaining special permission and/or an extension to the license. In some countries the licensing conditions relating to beacon operation are confusing. With QRSS operating it is quite common for low power transmitters to operate for extended periods of time therefore it was felt important to clarify our position with respect to beacons.

Since our experiments are directed at achieving the detection of very weak radio signals at great distances and examining how the prevailing propagation conditions effect those signals it was decided that a new term should be found to describe our transmitting equipment which best suited these activities. After several threads on the QRSS mailing list over many months the term "MEPT" was arrived at. M.E.P.T. stands for Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter. The "Manned" part of the term MEPT is simply to make clear that these transmitters are supervised at all times. The "Experimental" means just that, an experimental transmitter while the "Propagation" part of the term attempts to make it clear that QRSS transmitters are a method of observing propagation effects on radio signals.

Above all else we try to avoid the term "Beacon" because this can be a "sensitive" issue.

M.E.P.T. = Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter

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