What is a QRSS "Knight" ?

The term "QRSS Night" is frequently used on the QRSS mailing list as a general term to describe a fellow QRSS enthusiast. I am not sure of the exact origin of the term "Nights" in relation to describing QRSS operators but its one of those phrases that has gained acceptance over time so if you see the term "QRSS night" or "QRSS nights" on this web site just take it as a term to describe a fellow QRSS enthusiast or enthusiasts.

M0AYF = QRSS Enthusiast = QRSS Night.

I hope this has clarified the term "QRSS Night" for you.

73's Des (M0AYF).

Well, that’s about it, thank you for reading this and please send any questions, comments or "heckles" etc to the e-mail address linked below.

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Des (M0AYF)