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since June 2005
EPC EU Area BG.VA.VA (BU-25)

until May 2005
EPC EU Area BG.SG.VI (BU-03)
2001 2008


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I was born on 30 August 1968 in Varna. Getting started in amateur radio in October 1981 in LZ1KAU Radio-club in Sofia and then in LZ2KKZ and LZ2KGA Radio-clubs in Varna. Licensed in November 1993 as LZ4BU. During the years operated various special callsigns and expeditions. First activated IOTA EU-181 (LZ1KMS).
I am mainly QRV on HF bands on CW/SSB/DigiModes chasing DX, Island and Lighthouse stations. As of the end of 2018 I have 312 DXCC, 551 IOTA, 3088 WPX, 40 WAZ, 47 WAS, 594 ARLHS, 1479 National island references confirmed.


- YAESU FT-290RII VHF All-mode
- HP Compaq 6715b Notebook
- Homemade Voice/CW Memory Keyer
- RFT EKD-300 MF/HF Receiver

C l u b s    M e m b e r s h i p

PenOhio DX Society 070 Club

PODXS 070 # 057

British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

BARLS # 111

Croatian Telegraphy Club

CTC # 296

Russian Robinson Club

RRC # 702

European PSK Club

EPC # 118

Digital Modes Club

DMC # 008

FeldHell Club

FH # 701

Black Sea Contest Club

BSCC # 115

Belgium Digital Modes Club

BDM # 043

Grupo Argentino de CW

GACW # 930

30M Digital Group

30MDG # 0439

Belgium Club SSTV

BCS # 227

The Croatian Digital Group

CDG # 0018

Activity Group of Belarus

AGB # 221

North American QRP CW Club

NAQCC # 3352

Great Outdoors Radio Club

GORC # 190

Straight Key Century Club

SKCC # 5789

Brave Radio Friends

BRF # 044

Natal Digital Group

NDG # 0039

A1 Club

A1 Club # 1376

Rhein Ruhr DX Association


Beer Lovers Radioclub International

BLRC #75

Zebulon Contesting Club

ZCC #70

Polish Club Flora Fauna

SP-CFF #046

The international radiotelegraphy MORSE club UCWC

UCWC #3722

Hellenic Phase Shift Keying Club

HPC # 71

HAM Radio Nation

HRN # 11338

Activity Group CW

AGCW-DL # 3659

Russian CW Club

R-CW-C # 396

European ROS Club

ERC #2442

FT8 Digital Mode Club

FT8DMC #07077

QSL Managers Society
QSL Information
For more info about QSL Managers Society Creed, click on the logo

All QSL cards for LZ4BU via the bureau.
I also manage bureau cards for LZ1KMS and LZ1KSL for their operation from "Sveta Anastasiya" island, IOTA EU-181.

"QSL-card" means a piece of paper, usually sized 9x14 cm., with QSO data written or printed on it.
NO eQSL !!!          NO LoTW !!!

Logcheck is available at

E-Mail lz4bu (at) amsat . org                  ICQ 375598107                  Skype lz4bu_                 

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