LZ 100 JVA
The special event station commemorating the 100 anniversary of the father of electronic computer,
Link to John Vincent Atanasoff's biography and pictures
updated: 21 april 2004
  • Licence: This callsign is issued on a temporary base for the period 01-oct-2003 thru 31-dec-2003

  • Goal: Our goal was to popularize this great man, whose invention changed the modern world, and affected our great hobby as well.

  • Operators:
    LZ1PJ Ivan - licensee and QSL manager - CW only;
    LZ4BU Ivo - PSK & RTTY only;
    LZ1BJ Boyan - CW & SSB;
    LZ1PM Ivan - 80m CW mainly;
    LZ1AF Dimiter - CW mainly.

  • QSL via:
    Ivan Ivanov LZ1PJ
    P.O.Box 15
    BG-1324 Sofia

    Bureau and e-mail requests are accepted. If you insist on direct card, please include SAE + postage (1IRC/1G$ is sufficient)

  • QSL card preview