LZ1KSN - Burgas,
The Amateur Radio Club

 QTH: Burgas             QRA Locator: KN32RM

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 About LZ1KSN

  LZ1KSN is a club station of amateur club "LUKOIL- NEFTOHIMIC", which is sponsored by  Refinery & Petrochemical Complex "LUKOIL-NEFTOCHIM" near Burgas. The first QSO of LZ1KSN was made on  18.02.1961 with a self-made transmitter. We made more than 300 000 QSOs from 1961 by now. Until 1980 the club station used self-made transceivers,later on two transceivers KENWOOD TS-530S and one KENWOOD TS-780 were purchased. The major object of amateur radio club "LUKOIL-NEFTOHIMIC" is to train young radio amateurs. In 1992 amateur radio club "LUKOIL-NEFTOHIMIC" became an associated member of United Sport Club "LUKOIL-NEFTOHIM".  LZ1KSN created radio amateurs like:LZ1BB, LZ1FS, LZ1OE, LZ1QD, LZ1QN, LZ1QV, LZ1QZ, LZ1XS, LZ1ZU, LZ3BB, LZ3OE, LZ3QI, LZ3QX, LZ5QZ, LZ5XQ, LZ1CKD and LZ1TIK. The radio club has 5BDXCC award and many others.

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Club address:               P.O. Box 675, Burgas 8001, BULGARIA

President:  Detchko Delchev LZ1CKD
Treasurer:  Kolyo Kolev LZ1QZ
Editor:  Todor Kolev LZ5QZ
Secretary:  Nick Andonov LZ1OE 


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