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Интересни места и програми свързани с астрономията


Програма за отваряне на FITS формат използван за астр.снимки.   

The FITSview family consists of viewers for astronomical images in FITS format. Viewers are available for MS-Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems and offer a wide variety of image display features . The FITSview programs are distributed free of charge by the (USA) National Radio Astronomy Observatory.These programs are Y2K compliant.


Астр.каталози журнали таблици и др. NASA

Astronomical data center NASA.Astronomical Catalogs-Journal Tables.Software available fromADC.PublicOutreach.Selecting-Viewing Data.


Галерия от снимки на Харвард
Image Archive Directory (Table of Contents) Big Moon Dec 22, 1999.Calibrations: Ben.Calibrations: Cecilia.Calibrations: Donald.Calibrations: Ed.Comets.Galaxies.Galaxy.Clusters.General.Jupiter.Mars.Mercury.Moon.Nebulae.Outer Planets.Saturn.Star Clusters.Variable Stars.Venus.


Снимка на обект по зададени коректни координати.  Снимката е в FITS формат.
RAAP Image Request Form. FITS format.


Снимки - Каталог Messier
CCD Images of Messier ObjectsThese objects were discovered in the 18th century and were catalogued so that eyeball observers using small telescopes would not confuse them with comets. With the naked eye as a detector, most of these objects appear as dim grayish blobs. They are considered a challenge to find for many amateur astronomers. These objects are generally of large angular size and hence larger than the typical field of view of many CCD detector systems; hence CCD images of these objects are somewhat rare compared to photographic ones. In this resource, we offer CCD images of many of these objects, taken with a variety of different telescopes, along with a description or narration of brief facts about them. Where appropriate we have linked additional images or diagrams to further explain their properties or structure.


Слънчева система

Catalog of Spaceborne Imaging.A Guide to NSSDC'sPlanetary Image Archives.The Catalog of Spaceborne Imaging currently has over 500 images


Едно място което си заслужава да посетите
NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database


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