QTH : KAZANLAK     QTH Loc : KN22qo

RIG is ICOM : IC738          ANT : HEX BEAM          AMP's : DB-600 & DB-1500


I started my amateur way 1965. LZ1DB since : 1967.

Photos from the front row are 70 s ...
Next are 80's and 90's.
Here I and my family are of "HAM RADIO" in Friedrichshafen- Germany.( St.8/29  - 1997 )
On our stand we show our products intended
for radioamateurs. ( TELZET : since 1990...)
70's and 80's were strong my years with my participation in contest's  and working with new countries - more than 300.
80's and 90's strong design activity: development of transceivers, amplifiers,antennas and accessories - made more than 50 transceivers and amplifiers as many for Bulgaria and much more for other countries. Mostly after 90 when we registered our small company: TELZET.

And on the last is the new century : 2000 to now ...


Pout : 400-500 W     2 x GU-72 tubes

*** DB-600 is a new model of TLA-272...


P out : 1000-1500 W     GU-43b tube


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