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I mostly used homebrewed radios made by myself. But now I use IC751 transceiver for HF bands. Homemade tuning box is used for matching rig to antennas. I have military receiver of R-326M type with frequency cover from very low to 32 MHz as well. I made a transceiver based on this receiver and it provides really good and reliable job. Sometimes I use it for my work in the air.

I use Standardt C5608 radio for 144 and 430MHz FM contacts and Alinco DJ180 handheld for 144MHz.

My antennas are 9 band windom and 4 band vertical HF and 13el. yagi for 144MHz.

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Many thanks to Al Waller, K3TKJ of the QSL.NET for the account and E-mail box

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