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LY0SIX beacon on the air on 50.063 MHz.  Running 7W output power to a dipole antenna (transmitter based on "LION" old soviet transceiver for civil services like  ambulance, taxi, gas and so on, which works between 47 and 53 MHz band and was modified by Vytas LY3BG). Please spot the beacon if you will hear it. Thanks!




 I'm member of:

Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD).

Lithuanian Contest Group (LCG).



QSL EXCHANGE - please read here.

LY2MW AWARD PROGRAM. Two my personal awards. One easy and one much harder, but both about LY prefixes. BTW, there is only THREE(!!!!!!!!) "6 LY prefixes on 5 bands" awards sent to applicators since 1994. Too difficult rules or no time to check your logs? Would like to know your opinion.... Thanks!!! 


To contact me please mail to  LY8O  - too many spams so decided not to display addresses very open, sorry :)



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