Ham radio station NX2PX (now Manchester, NH; also licensed as ly2bgp in Lithuania; ), op. Gedas
Below are pictures from the time when I lived in Atlantic City, NJ


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  • QSO JW/LY2KW ,NX2PX -video
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    MY HAM RADIO HISTORY (QRT for the season in winter 2010/2011)
  • My ham radio bicyle
  • My Satelite radio toys for AO-40
  • NEW . My Mercury HPSDR (direct sampling receiver)
  • I in the middle of Wayne National Forest, OH -video

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  • Little bicycle ride from Atlantic City to Cape May

  • 2013 Bicycle trip from Atlantic City, NJ to Ocracoke,NC -video

  • My SSID used for APRS:nx2px-5, nx2px-6, nx2px-9, nx2px-7
    I liked APRS over ISS with DH-D72...but now I mainly use APRS over TCP/IP with IPhone.
  • Google Maps APRS
  • Amateur Radio Stations heard via ISS

  • 2013 CQ WW CW log

  • My late wife, I, some other pictures