In the year 1990, LX1RQ started to run the "Jamboree-on-the-air" with the Scout group St.-Sebastian from the city of WILTZ, under the call sign LX1JAR. He was joined after 4 years by LX1AQ and together both operators built up slowly a nice shack in the bunkhouse of the scouts named "RANCH MOOT", on the edge of a hill south of WILTZ and on the border of the village ROULLINGEN ; exactly in the WW-locator JN29XX.

   With the help of the staff from the scout group, in particular Mr. LINK Romain and the mayor of the city WILTZ from that time, a tower was built up near the RANCH MOOT and a TH6DXX (6 el. 3 band beam by HY-GAIN) was put on the edge and is still there, turning by the help of a T2X rotor.

   In that period, the call LX9SW issued and several contest activities were started and for that call we got a QSL-manager for the United States side in the person of K7PT, who is still doing a fine job. ( Thank you Chuck )

   In the year 2000, LX1RQ asked the Ministry of Telecommunication for the contest-call LX5A and got it. That was the start shot for the participation in a lot of contests since today. Direct on the beginning with the activities under LX5A, we joined the Bavarian Contest Club.

   The greatest activity of the group was LX0LT in December 2002. Together with the LX4B-group, the event brought 25.091 QSO’s in one week. We received for each QSO 8,9 cent from sponsors and all that money was given to the scientific research against genetic illnesses. With other donations we had the opportunity to made a donation of some thousand EURO.

The location is on a hill (465m over sea level). Verticals for 40 & 80 must be erected upon arrival.  There is room for other antennas, and there are a lot of trees for wires etc.  We are in the process of improving the location all the time…. 

The QTH is located between the little village of ROULLINGEN and the small city of WILTZ (JN29XX) about 65 km north of Luxembourg-city, close to the Belgium border. The shack is in an wooden house named “RANCH MOOT” and is the property of the Scout Group from WILTZ. About 20 people can pass night in this location. New installed sanitary facilities are existing, shower included. A new kitchen with electrical header as likewise suburb. Kitchen utensils, like pots and so on are on the place. Refrigerator is in the kitchen. The house has two big bedrooms, two single rooms.

A 380 Volt-line was divides up into 3x220 Volt-lines. The antenna-cable (RG-213) and the control-line of the antenna-rotor are installed in the shack. Ground line is likewise in the house. An activity with 2 Amplifier is possible and was tested with LX9SW. THERE IS NO RADIO EQUIPMENT IN THE SHACK !!! ONLY ANTENNAS ON THE QTH. You must provide your own TX and Amplifier.

The cost for lodging in this QTH is managed by the Scout Group of WILTZ. Nevertheless, they are so kind to give you an advantage price. The price is 53.- Euro (+/- 55 US$) per night + charges for electricity and cleaning). A discount is possible if the rent/stay is more than 4 days and if your stay is not in the main holiday period. For more information send mail to : [email protected] --- It is of course bargain, if you will stay there at several people !!!

There are beds for 10 people in each of the two large bedrooms. The house is entirely built in wood. There is a new security installation with smoke- and fire alarm. There are also several fire extinguishers. Emergency lightning is also installed for the case of a current interruption.

Shopping is possible in the city of WILTZ at 2-3 minutes away from the QTH, where you find 3 supermarkets. Sundays you must drive to the location of POMMERLOCH at 10 minutes from the QTH. (Direction BASTOGNE/Belgium) There is a big supermarket and several service stations.

A hospital is located in WILTZ and is in duty 07 to 19 hours. (tel: 9595-1 “Clinique St. Louis”) After that, you have to call the emergency 112 or drive to Ettelbrück at about 25 km (direction Luxembourg City) to reach the hospital there (tél.: 8166-1) they are 24/24 hours in duty

Two pharmacies are in the city not far away from the QTH.

Emergency call: 112 (fire + ambulance)

                           113 (police)

The reservation for the QTH can be done at:                                            (click on the picture for enlarge)

                       SCOUTS WILTZ

                       (St. Sébastien)

                       rue du Château

                       L-9516 WILTZ   or  via  e-mail [email protected]

 Tel.: (00325 for LX) call. 95 81 99 and ask for ANITA 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-16.30 hour local time, (not on Mondays!) 

For any questions concerning antennas and other ham-matter mailto: [email protected]

If you want to run a contest on that QTH, look first on the activity list of LX5A and look if the date, where you want to rent the shack, is available. There are also other none-ham groups, who rent the house. The best is, to contact the scouts office for asking !!

P.S.:  The call signs LX9SW and LX5A are normally not available for visitors.  Either apply for a CEPT license.


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