Do you know what a MARATHON is ? I think so! So, the TELETHON is a marathon television transmission and has as goal to collect money as much as possible for the research of the genetic illnesses; and there a lot of them. As you can imagine, the most part of the ill people are children. Most of that illnesses end with the dead of the infected people.

During this television transmission and days before, a lot of communities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus and Luxembourg make a lot of efforts to collect money for that important scientific research. There are young and older people participating on very different activities, so as swimming, selling food, objects and so on. All that money collecting during these activities is integral for the TELETHON, means for the scientific research. The center of these laboratories is in FRANCE and all the other countries have a profit of the results. All year, they are able to announce some steps in the direction of a positiv development.

So we, HAMs from LX, in co-operation with some HAMs of DL and PA, have the intention to participate on the TELETHON 2002 with a big Amateur-radio-station ; callsign as you saw on our index-page : L X 0 L T. We are busy for the moment, to search for donators and godparents for our activity. We propose them, to give us for one QSO some money. As we expect to run between 15.000 and 20.000 QSOs (we hope it), so we will get a lovely sum to give to the TELETHON (section LX).


We don't want money from you, but only that you make a contact, once per band and mode, with our station LX0LT !!!

We are certain, that you will be with us.

For more details, please check the other pages on this homepage.