What can you do for helping us ??


   Its sounds very simple !!!  As HAM, you just run a QSO with L X 0 L T once per band and mode !! With this QSO or QSOs, you have then made it possible, that we get money for the research of the genetic illnesses. We get some money per QSO and we hope to reach our goal between 15.000 and 20.000 QSOs. This will be great for us and of course for the TELETHON-group in LUXEMBOURG. A special QSL.-card is being printed after the activity. For more details look under " QSL-info". We will not ask  you to make a donation, but only ask you to make your possible to work us over that week in december 2002.

   An other way to help us, is to spot us into the DX-Clusters. Also you can tell your friends around, that we will start this activity and that it will be very nice, if they will be so kind to contact us on the bands.

  So you see, it is very easy to help us. You are all our helpers.......for reaching our goal to help the children.