My Station

In the picture at the left you can see the Yaesu FT-101ZD transceiver which I use for HF work, at the right is the old Yaesu FTdx400 Transceiver, and an old Eddystone S680/2A receiver, this one is used for AM reception. For VHF I use an Icom IC-260E Multimode Transceiver, and an Icom IC-02AT HT, mainly for Packet Radio and an Icom IC-PCR1000 communications receiver, which I use mainly for GOES reception with a modified  MMDS downconverter.

The antennas are a 4 band 3 element beam for 40 - 20 - 15 y 10 meters made by Walmar here in Argentina, and a Ringo Ranger for 144 MHz.

I also have a VHF / UHF Discone and a 2,5 m diameter parabolic dish wich I use for satellite TVRO, I am planning to use it for moonbounce (EME) in the future. I am mostly active in SSB and SSTV in HF and Packet in VHF.

73 de LU7DSU, Marcelino.

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