XGlue is a driver that allows the (X)Net node software to operate with the AGW Packet Engine by SV2AGW and use the wide device support this platform has.

At the same time it enables nodes using the AGW Packet Engine to use the NETROM, FlexNet and CONVERS facilities provided by (X)Net.

Some of it's features are:

  • Unlimitted number of AGWPE ports supported.
  • Allows (X)Net to manage native AGW Packet Engine applications.
  • Leverage the huge device support of AGW Packet Engine into (X)Net.

The program is in the process to be developed with upgrades being continually released as part of the beta process.

The program is intended to be used with the Windows version of (X)Net (NTNET) although versions based on other platforms could be interoperated as well.

You could also see the documentation directly, or could also get the most updated version here , for tips on how to use the TCP/IP router of (X)Net with the MS TCP/IP stack go here.

From version 1.3 XGlue allow PC/FlexNet32 users to tap on the inmense power of AGWPE to support devices, check it out the HOWTO made by Jann Traschewski (DG8NGN) and discover how!


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