Digiplex is a multi-purpose routing engine aimed to work with the AGW Packet Engine by SV2AGW.

Some of it's features are:

  • A cross-band AX.25 L2 Smart Digipeater (SMART).
  • A NETROM router (ROUTE).
  • An APRS enabled digipeater (APRS).
  • A high performance router with hop-to-hop ack (DIGIPLEX).

It's intended to interoperate with other network infrastructure components such as NETROM nodes and digipeaters present on your LAN but based on other platforms.

Also it features other functions such as Telnet remote access, a build-in Web server, the capability to define "managed applications" to be accessed thru it and more...

The program is in the process to be developed with upgrades being continually released as part of the beta process.

You could also see the documentation directly, or could also get the most updated version of Digiplex here.


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