IOTA - Islands on the Air - List

IOTA Meeting Frequencies

The main meeting frequency is 14.260MHz. 

Other ones on SSB are 28.560, 28.460, 24.950, 21.260, 18.128, 7.055 and 3.755MHz. 

The CW frequencies are 28.040, 24.920, 21.040, 18.098, 14.040, 10.115 and 3530MHz. No specific CW frequency has been nominated on 7MHz but it is recommended that operations should include a frequency above 7.025 when the band is open to North America. 

These frequencies are not reserved for IOTA nets or the making of island QSOs but are shared with other users on a normal non-interference basis.


The following island groups were found:
Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
AF-001 Agalega Islands AGALEGA & ST BRANDON 42.7
AF-002 Amsterdam & St Paul Islands AMSTERDAM & ST PAUL 49.5
AF-003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND 86.9
AF-004 Canary Islands CANARY IS 97.4
AF-005 Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento) CAPE VERDE 51.9
AF-006 Diego Garcia Island CHAGOS 86.0
AF-007 Comoro Islands COMOROS (D6) 72.9
AF-008 Crozet Islands CROZET 46.8
AF-009 Europa Island JUAN DE NOVA 37.2
AF-010 Bioco (Fernando Poo) Island EQUATORIAL GUINEA 51.2
AF-011 Glorioso Islands GLORIOSO IS 47.7
AF-012 Juan de Nova Island JUAN DE NOVA 30.8
AF-013 Madagascar MADAGASCAR 70.4
AF-014 Madeira Archipelago MADEIRA IS 95.6
AF-015 Saint Brandon Islands AGALEGA & ST BRANDON 56.8
AF-016 Reunion Island REUNION 83.8
AF-017 Rodrigues Island RODRIGUEZ IS 71.1
AF-018 Pantelleria Island ITALY 72.6
AF-019 Pelagie Islands ITALY 74.6
AF-020 Bijagos Archipelago GUINEA-BISSAU 43.0
AF-021 Prince Edward and Marion Islands PRINCE EDWARD & MARION 46.5
AF-022 St Helena Island ST HELENA IS 80.3
AF-023 Sao Tome Island SAO TOME & PRINCIPE 75.2
AF-024 Seychelles - Inner Islands SEYCHELLES 77.3
AF-025 Aldabra Islands SEYCHELLES 24.1
AF-026 Cosmoledo Islands SEYCHELLES 22.0
AF-027 Mayotte Island MAYOTTE 76.8
AF-028 Socotra YEMEN 0.3
AF-029 Tristan da Cunha Islands TRISTAN DA CUNHA 57.0
AF-030 Gough Island TRISTAN DA CUNHA 34.4
AF-031 Tromelin Island TROMELIN 49.8
AF-032 Zanzibar Island TANZANIA 55.7
AF-033 Amirante Islands SEYCHELLES 41.5
AF-034 DELETED 0.0
AF-035 Farquhar Islands SEYCHELLES 23.7
AF-036 Chafarinas Islands CEUTA & MELILLA 38.2
AF-037 Sierra Leone Northern/Western Province Group SIERRA LEONE 19.7
AF-038 Dahlak Archipelago ERITREA 19.2
AF-039 Annobon (Pagalu) Island PAGALU (ANNOBAR IS) 53.1
AF-040 Kenya Coast Province North Group KENYA 36.1
AF-041 Egmont Group CHAGOS 0.8
AF-042 Alboran Island CEUTA & MELILLA 42.5
AF-043 Gabon Estuaire Province Group GABON 24.7
AF-044 Principe Island SAO TOME & PRINCIPE 29.0
AF-045 Senegal North Group SENEGAL 35.3
AF-046 Desertas Islands MADEIRA IS 34.3
AF-047 Selvagens Islands MADEIRA IS 28.0
AF-048 Kerguelen Islands KERGUELEN 55.2
AF-049 Mauritius Island MAURITIUS IS 85.9
AF-050 Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region Group MAURITANIA 16.6
AF-051 Guinee-Maritime Province South Group REPUBLIC OF GUINEA 36.5
AF-052 Indian Ocean Coast South SOMALI 7.6
AF-053 Gulf of Tadjoura Group DJIBOUTI 42.3
AF-054 Mafia Island TANZANIA 30.7
AF-055 DELETED 0.0
AF-056 Sierra Leone Southern Province Group SIERRA LEONE 24.1
AF-057 Madagascar's Coastal Islands West MADAGASCAR 42.3
AF-058 Salomon Group CHAGOS 5.3
AF-059 Strait of Mandab Group DJIBOUTI 21.1
AF-060 The Gambia Group THE GAMBIA 24.7
AF-061 Cabo Delgado District Group MOZAMBIQUE 28.8
AF-062 Suakin Archipelago SUDAN 7.6
AF-063 Pemba Island TANZANIA 31.3
AF-064 Western Cape Province South West Group SOUTH AFRICA 33.5
AF-065 Safi / Essaouira / Agadir Region Group MOROCCO 30.7
AF-066 Gaza / Maputo District Group MOZAMBIQUE 36.8
AF-067 Coast Province South Group KENYA 38.9
AF-068 Western Sahara South Group WESTERN SAHARA 11.3
AF-069 Alhucemas Island CEUTA & MELILLA 28.4
AF-070 Karas Region Group NAMIBIA 14.5
AF-071 DELETED 0.0
AF-072 Inhambane District Group MOZAMBIQUE 34.5
AF-073 Sfax Region Group TUNISIA 53.2
AF-074 Lindi / Mtwara Region Group TANZANIA 18.2
AF-075 Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region Group TANZANIA 18.6
AF-076 Bayelsa / Rivers / Akwa Ibom etc States Group NIGERIA 7.0
AF-077 Western Cape Province South Group SOUTH AFRICA 13.1
AF-078 Senegal South Group SENEGAL 23.3
AF-079 Eastern Cape Province Group SOUTH AFRICA 14.9
AF-080 Red Sea Coast North Group ERITREA 17.2
AF-081 Red Sea Coast South Group ERITREA 15.1
AF-082 Rio Muni Province Group EQUATORIAL GUINEA 15.8
AF-083 Gabes / Medenine Region Group TUNISIA 46.1
AF-084 Ghana Group GHANA 31.4
AF-085 Western Cape Province North West Group SOUTH AFRICA 18.6
AF-086 Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento) CAPE VERDE 68.9
AF-087 Tanga Region Group TANZANIA 33.9
AF-088 Nampula District Group MOZAMBIQUE 19.8
AF-089 Ogooue-Maritime Province Group GABON 25.1
AF-090 Madagascar's Coastal Islands East MADAGASCAR 35.2
AF-091 Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg Group TUNISIA 17.5
AF-092 Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region Group TUNISIA 31.2
AF-093 Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region Group GUINEA-BISSAU 22.6
AF-094 Mediterranean Sea Coast West Group ALGERIA 23.1
AF-095 Cameroon Group CAMEROON 11.0
AF-096 Guinee-Maritime Province North Group REPUBLIC OF GUINEA 22.6
AF-097 Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre Group ALGERIA 22.3
AF-098 Sofala District Group MOZAMBIQUE 18.4
AF-099 Matruh Region Group EGYPT 17.2
AF-100 Bas-Congo Province Group ZAIRE 12.5
AF-101 Red Sea Coast North Group EGYPT 5.7
AF-102/P Erongo / Hardap Region Group NAMIBIA 0.0
AF-103 Zambezia District Group MOZAMBIQUE 15.7
AF-104 Mediterranean Sea Coast East Group ALGERIA 18.7
AF-105/P Nyanga Province Group GABON 0.0
AF-106/P Cote d'Ivoire Group IVORY COAST 0.0
AF-107/P Cuanza Sul / Benguela Province Group ANGOLA 0.0
AF-108/P Namibe Province Group ANGOLA 0.0
AF-109/P Nile Delta and Sinai Region Group EGYPT 0.0
AF-110/P Red Sea Coast South Group EGYPT 0.0
AF-111/P Liberia Group LIBERIA 0.0
AF-112/P Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre Group LIBYA 0.0
AF-113/P Mediterranean Sea Coast East Group LIBYA 0.0
AF-114/P Halaib Triangle Group SUDAN 0.0
AF-115/P Red Sea State Group SUDAN 0.0
AF-116/P Gulf of Aden West Group SOMALI 0.0
AF-117/P Gulf of Aden East Group SOMALI 0.0

100 activated groups (and 14 un-activated groups) found.


The following island groups were found:
Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
AN-001 Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) group ANTARCTICA 27.2
AN-002 Bouvet Island BOUVET 39.4
AN-003 Heard Island HEARD IS 44.5
AN-004 Peter 1 Island PETER I IS 46.2
AN-005 Macquarie Island MACQUARIE IS 46.3
AN-006 Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) group ANTARCTICA 64.2
AN-007 South Georgia Island SOUTH GEORGIA IS 47.9
AN-008 South Orkney Islands SOUTH ORKNEY IS 48.7
AN-009 South Sandwich Islands SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS 42.3
AN-010 South Shetland Islands SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS 80.4
AN-011 Ross Island group ANTARCTICA 21.9
AN-012 Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) group ANTARCTICA 19.3
AN-013 Trinity Peninsula group ANTARCTICA 11.6
AN-014 Berkner Island ANTARCTICA 0.2
AN-015 Queen Maud Land (Prince Harald etc) group ANTARCTICA 41.8
AN-016 Antarctica ANTARCTICA 71.4
AN-017 Adelie Land group ANTARCTICA 22.3
AN-018 Palmer Land West (Alexander Island) group ANTARCTICA 5.9
AN-019/P Balleny Islands ANTARCTICA 0.0
AN-020/P Scott Island 0.0
AN-021/P Shag Rocks SOUTH GEORGIA IS 0.0

18 activated groups (and 3 un-activated groups) found.


The following island groups were found:

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
AS-001 Andaman Islands ANDAMAN & NICOBAR IS 45.1
AS-002 Bahrain Island BAHRAIN 66.8
AS-003 Sri Lanka Island SRI LANKA 81.7
AS-004 Cyprus Island CYPRUS 95.1
AS-005 Kara Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 43.5
AS-006 Hong Kong group HONG KONG 55.2
AS-007 Honshu Island JAPAN 87.1
AS-008 North Izu Islands JAPAN 34.6
AS-009 Red Sea Coast group YEMEN 2.9
AS-010 Zufar Region group OMAN 22.8
AS-011 Lakshadweep Islands [ AKA Laccadive Islands ] LACCADIVE ISLANDS 47.9
AS-012 Kyushu's Coastal Islands JAPAN 40.1
AS-013 Maldive Islands MALDIVE IS 81.0
AS-014 Ash Sharqiyah / Al Wusta Region group OMAN 28.1
AS-015 Pinang State group WEST MALAYSIA 71.1
AS-016 Gulf of Aden West group YEMEN 0.6
AS-017 Okinawa Islands JAPAN 63.0
AS-018 Sakhalin Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 75.9
AS-019 Singapore Island SINGAPORE 79.2
AS-020 Taiwan Island TAIWAN 87.1
AS-021 Trucial Coast group UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 19.3
AS-022 Medvezh'i Islands [ AKA Bear Islands ] ASIATIC RUSSIA 20.6
AS-023 Amami Islands JAPAN 32.5
AS-024 Yaeyama Islands JAPAN 37.7
AS-025 Kuril'skiye (Kuril) Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 29.5
AS-026 Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) group SOUTH KOREA 40.1
AS-027 Vrangelya (Wrangel) Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 17.8
AS-028 Anzhu Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 29.1
AS-029 Lyakhovskiye Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 11.0
AS-030 Kazan (Volcano) Islands OGASAWARA 31.4
AS-031 Chichi / Haha / Muko Islands [ AKA Bonin Islands Ogasawara ] OGASAWARA 66.0
AS-032 Osumi Islands JAPAN 47.7
AS-033 Nicobar Islands ANDAMAN & NICOBAR IS 5.2
AS-034 DELETED 0.0
AS-035 DELETED 0.0
AS-036 Iki / Tsushima Islands JAPAN 31.0
AS-037 Koshikijima Islands JAPAN 35.0
AS-038 East Siberian Sea Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 36.7
AS-039 Komandorskiye (Commander) Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 23.4
AS-040 Goto Islands JAPAN 38.5
AS-041 Oki Islands JAPAN 45.1
AS-042 Severnaya Zemlya (North Land) ASIATIC RUSSIA 46.7
AS-043 South Izu Islands JAPAN 29.7
AS-044 Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre group ASIATIC RUSSIA 22.8
AS-045 Kyongsang-bukto Prov (Ullung Island) group SOUTH KOREA 42.0
AS-046 Pahang / Johor State East group WEST MALAYSIA 29.3
AS-047 Daito Islands JAPAN 31.5
AS-048 De Longa Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 7.4
AS-049 Tokara Islands JAPAN 32.1
AS-050 Sergeya Kirova Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 9.5
AS-051 Spratly Islands SPRATLY IS 64.8
AS-052 DELETED 0.0
AS-053 Malay Peninsula West group THAILAND 43.6
AS-054 Laptev Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 17.4
AS-055 Vize Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 14.2
AS-056 Danjo Islands JAPAN 26.7
AS-057 Uyedineniya Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 25.9
AS-058 Perlis / Kedah State group WEST MALAYSIA 27.6
AS-059 Sea of Okhotsk Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 26.6
AS-060 Cholla-namdo Province group SOUTH KOREA 39.3
AS-061 Ratmanova (Big Diomede) Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 4.9
AS-062 Habomai Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 29.9
AS-063 Laptev Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 12.5
AS-064 Bering Sea Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 19.5
AS-065 Chukchi Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 14.7
AS-066 Sea of Japan Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 43.6
AS-067 Uji & Kusagaki Islands JAPAN 21.9
AS-068 Kara Sea Coast Centre group ASIATIC RUSSIA 15.0
AS-069 Iony Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 3.7
AS-070 East Siberian Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 17.9
AS-071 Bering Sea Coast North group ASIATIC RUSSIA 7.0
AS-072 Perak State group WEST MALAYSIA 30.1
AS-073 Kelantan / Terengganu State group WEST MALAYSIA 27.3
AS-074 Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State group WEST MALAYSIA 27.5
AS-075 Macau group MACAO 45.0
AS-076 Shikoku Island JAPAN 74.5
AS-077 Kyushu Island JAPAN 67.7
AS-078 Hokkaido Island JAPAN 74.7
AS-079 Miyako Islands JAPAN 41.0
AS-080 Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province group SOUTH KOREA 35.9
AS-081 Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province group SOUTH KOREA 37.7
AS-082 Laptev Sea Coast Centre group ASIATIC RUSSIA 10.6
AS-083 Kara Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 54.4
AS-084 Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) group SOUTH KOREA 27.2
AS-085 Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) group SOUTH KOREA 30.7
AS-086 Izvestiy TS.I.K Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 17.7
AS-087 Arkticheskogo Instituta Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 9.6
AS-088 Qatar group QATAR 8.2
AS-089 Kara Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 44.2
AS-090 Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) group SOUTH KOREA 34.5
AS-091 Shelikhova Bay group ASIATIC RUSSIA 21.5
AS-092 Bering Sea Coast South group ASIATIC RUSSIA 4.2
AS-093 Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) group SOUTH KOREA 33.2
AS-094 Hainan Province (Hainan Island) group CHINA 22.3
AS-095 Bering Sea Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 32.2
AS-096 Karnataka State group INDIA 19.4
AS-097 Melaka / Johor State West group WEST MALAYSIA 24.7
AS-098 Aydin / Mugla Province group TURKEY 37.7
AS-099 Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province group TURKEY 45.1
AS-100 Israel group ISRAEL 38.2
AS-101 Malay Peninsula East group THAILAND 27.3
AS-102 Kinmen (Quemoy) Island TAIWAN 37.3
AS-103 P'enghu (Pescadores) Islands TAIWAN 45.5
AS-104 Kara Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 9.3
AS-105 Kyonggi-do Province group SOUTH KOREA 37.6
AS-106 Minicoy Island INDIA 22.3
AS-107 Gulf of Thailand North group THAILAND 28.2
AS-108 Lebanon group LEBANON 28.0
AS-109 Obskaya Gulf group ASIATIC RUSSIA 38.1
AS-110 Tungsha (Pratas) Island PRATAS IS 51.6
AS-111 The Gulf group SAUDI ARABIA 6.1
AS-112 Al Batinah / Masqat Region group OMAN 26.9
AS-113 Matsu Islands TAIWAN 40.0
AS-114 Sea of Okhotsk Coast South group ASIATIC RUSSIA 28.7
AS-115 Antalya Province group TURKEY 35.1
AS-116 Huang Yan Island (Scarborough Reef) SCARBOROUGH REEF 36.2
AS-117 Honshu's Coastal Islands JAPAN 45.0
AS-118 Kuwait group KUWAIT 37.2
AS-119 Musandam Region group OMAN 24.3
AS-120 Cyprus's Coastal Islands CYPRUS 35.3
AS-121 Nordenshel'da Archipelago ASIATIC RUSSIA 22.5
AS-122 Kyonggi-do Province West group SOUTH KOREA 29.7
AS-123 Icel / Adana / Hatay Province group TURKEY 37.2
AS-124 Gulf of Oman group UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 15.7
AS-125 Gulf of Thailand North East group THAILAND 26.1
AS-126 Malay Peninsula South West group THAILAND 28.7
AS-127 Chittagong Region group BANGLADESH 13.3
AS-128 Gulf of Thailand group VIETNAM 25.0
AS-129 Guangdong Province East group CHINA 23.6
AS-130 South China Sea Coast South group VIETNAM 17.9
AS-131 Guangdong Province West group CHINA 25.3
AS-132 Gulf of Tongking North group VIETNAM 29.0
AS-133 Cambodia group KAMPUCHEA (CAMBODIA) 32.8
AS-134 Hebei / Tianjin Province group CHINA 27.3
AS-135 Jiangsu Province group CHINA 29.5
AS-136 Shanghai Province group CHINA 30.5
AS-137 Zhejiang Province North group CHINA 31.8
AS-138 Fujian Province group CHINA 26.4
AS-139 Guangxi Autonomous Region group CHINA 27.4
AS-140 Khulna / Barisal Region group BANGLADESH 11.6
AS-141 Zhejiang Province South group CHINA 26.8
AS-142 Sea of Okhotsk Coast group ASIATIC RUSSIA 13.8
AS-143 Hainan Province (Xisha Islands) group [ AKA Paracel Islands ] CHINA 14.4
AS-144 Tenasserim Region South group MYANMAR 36.5
AS-145 Malay Peninsula South East group THAILAND 28.1
AS-146 Shandong Province North East group CHINA 29.3
AS-147 Hokkaido's Coastal Islands JAPAN 30.3
AS-148 Cholla-bukto Province group SOUTH KOREA 35.8
AS-149 Sakhalin's Coastal Islands ASIATIC RUSSIA 29.2
AS-150 Shandong Province South group CHINA 26.6
AS-151 Liaoning Province West group CHINA 28.3
AS-152 Laptev Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 17.2
AS-153 West Bengal State group INDIA 18.0
AS-154 Black Sea Coast East group TURKEY 30.1
AS-155 Taiwan's Coastal Islands TAIWAN 36.2
AS-156 Ushakova Island ASIATIC RUSSIA 26.1
AS-157 South China Sea Coast Centre group VIETNAM 23.6
AS-158 Liaoning Province East group CHINA 27.4
AS-159 Black Sea Coast West group TURKEY 40.8
AS-160 Shandong Province North West group CHINA 17.6
AS-161 Kerala State group INDIA 20.3
AS-162 South China Sea Coast North group VIETNAM 15.9
AS-163 Laptev Sea Coast East group ASIATIC RUSSIA 13.5
AS-164 East Siberian Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 12.4
AS-165 Arakan Region group MYANMAR 16.4
AS-166 Hormozgan Province group IRAN 17.1
AS-167 Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region group MYANMAR 13.6
AS-168 Kangwon-do Province group SOUTH KOREA 18.0
AS-169 Maharashtra State group INDIA 17.7
AS-170 Shelikhova Bay group ASIATIC RUSSIA 23.9
AS-171 Sri Lanka's Coastal Islands SRI LANKA 18.1
AS-172 Sea of Okhotsk Coast North group ASIATIC RUSSIA 8.8
AS-173 Tamil Nadu State group INDIA 14.9
AS-174 Chukchi Sea Coast West group ASIATIC RUSSIA 26.9
AS-175/P Gujarat State West group INDIA 0.0
AS-176/P Gujarat State East group INDIA 0.0
AS-177 Goa State group INDIA 12.6
AS-178/P Andhra Pradesh State North group INDIA 0.0
AS-179/P Orissa State group INDIA 0.0
AS-180/P Balochistan Province group PAKISTAN 0.0
AS-181/P Sindh Province group PAKISTAN 0.0
AS-182/P Mon Region group MYANMAR 0.0
AS-183/P Tenasserim Region North group MYANMAR 0.0
AS-184/P Preparis Channel group MYANMAR 0.0
AS-185 Gulf of Tongking South group VIETNAM 13.8
AS-186 Syria group SYRIA 20.9
AS-187/P Gulf of Aden East group YEMEN 0.0
AS-188/P Khuzestan Province group IRAN 0.0
AS-189/P Bushehr Province group IRAN 0.0
AS-190/P Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) group SAUDI ARABIA 0.0
AS-191/P Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) group SAUDI ARABIA 0.0
AS-192 Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) group SAUDI ARABIA 15.2
AS-193 Farasan Islands SAUDI ARABIA 9.8
AS-194/P Senkaku Islands JAPAN 0.0
AS-195/P P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province group NORTH KOREA 0.0
AS-196/P Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province group NORTH KOREA 0.0
AS-197/P Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province group NORTH KOREA 0.0
AS-198/P Kangwon-do Province group NORTH KOREA 0.0
AS-199 Andhra Pradesh State South group INDIA 12.6

177 activated groups (and 19 un-activated groups) found.


The following island groups were found:

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
EU-001 Dodecanese DODECANESE 90.9
EU-002 Aland Islands ALAND IS 95.7
EU-003 Eastern Azores group AZORES 70.0
EU-004 Balearic Islands BALEARIC IS 95.4
EU-005 Great Britain ENGLAND 93.2
EU-006 Aran Islands IRELAND 63.4
EU-007 Blasket Islands IRELAND 45.7
EU-008 Inner Hebrides SCOTLAND 68.2
EU-009 Orkney SCOTLAND 71.5
EU-010 Outer Hebrides [ AKA Western Isles ] SCOTLAND 67.8
EU-011 Isles of Scilly ENGLAND 59.7
EU-012 Shetland and Fair Isle SCOTLAND 70.9
EU-013 Jersey JERSEY 88.9
EU-014 Corsica Island CORSICA 92.8
EU-015 Crete Island CRETE 89.2
EU-016 Dalmatia South group CROATIA 76.0
EU-017 Eolie Islands [ AKA Lipari Islands ] ITALY 66.7
EU-018 Faroe Islands FAROE IS 89.3
EU-019 Franz Josef Land FRANZ JOSEF LAND 77.2
EU-020 Gotland County (Gotland Island) group SWEDEN 69.6
EU-021 Iceland ICELAND 90.8
EU-022 Jan Mayen Island JAN MAYEN 73.5
EU-023 Malta group MALTA 94.3
EU-024 Sardinia Island SARDINIA 93.7
EU-025 Sicily Island ITALY 90.5
EU-026 Spitsbergen Island [ AKA Svalbard Island ] SVALBARD IS 87.3
EU-027 Bear Island [ AKA Bjornoya ] SVALBARD IS 43.1
EU-028 Toscana (Tuscany) Region group ITALY 72.8
EU-029 Sjaelland Archipelago DENMARK 62.1
EU-030 Bornholm Island DENMARK 67.9
EU-031 Campania Region group ITALY 72.6
EU-032 Poitou-Charentes Region group FRANCE 72.9
EU-033 Vesteralen Islands NORWAY 56.7
EU-034 Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County group ESTONIA 67.5
EU-035 Novaya Zemlya EUROPEAN RUSSIA 50.4
EU-036 Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North group NORWAY 53.7
EU-037 Kalmar County group SWEDEN 59.5
EU-038 Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province group NETHERLANDS 66.1
EU-039 Chausey Islands FRANCE 51.2
EU-040 Estremadura Province group PORTUGAL 61.0
EU-041 Maddalena Archipelago SARDINIA 58.4
EU-042 Schleswig-Holstein State North West group FED REP OF GERMANY 68.1
EU-043 Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County group SWEDEN 50.1
EU-044 Finnmark County West group NORWAY 41.8
EU-045 Lazio Region group ITALY 63.7
EU-046 Troms County group NORWAY 48.6
EU-047 Niedersachsen State group FED REP OF GERMANY 68.3
EU-048 Bretagne (Morbihan) Region group FRANCE 64.0
EU-049 North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio) GREECE 58.0
EU-050 Puglia (Foggia) Region group ITALY 56.7
EU-051 Ustica Island ITALY 54.9
EU-052 Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region group GREECE 54.8
EU-053 Market Reef MARKET REEF , SWEDEN 83.6
EU-054 Egadi Islands ITALY 64.3
EU-055 Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County group NORWAY 40.2
EU-056 More og Romsdal County Centre group NORWAY 49.1
EU-057 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State group FED REP OF GERMANY 74.2
EU-058 Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region group FRANCE 39.5
EU-059 St Kilda SCOTLAND 34.7
EU-060 Sterea Ellas Region group GREECE 33.7
EU-061 Vest Agder to Ostfold County group NORWAY 45.7
EU-062 Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County group NORWAY 49.7
EU-063 Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands [ AKA Svalbard's Coastal Islands ] SVALBARD IS 34.9
EU-064 Pays de la Loire Region group FRANCE 67.3
EU-065 Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region group FRANCE 56.9
EU-066 Solovetskiye Islands EUROPEAN RUSSIA 53.5
EU-067 Kyklades (Cyclades) GREECE 65.9
EU-068 Bretagne (Finistere South West) Region group FRANCE 54.3
EU-069 Columbretes Islands SPAIN 35.8
EU-070 Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region group FRANCE 56.9
EU-071 Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands) ICELAND 47.7
EU-072 Thessalia Region group GREECE 50.7
EU-073 Puglia (Taranto) Region group ITALY 49.6
EU-074 Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region group FRANCE 53.4
EU-075 Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region group GREECE 41.9
EU-076 Lofoten Islands NORWAY 49.0
EU-077 La Coruna / Lugo Province group SPAIN 51.4
EU-078 Gerona Province group SPAIN 44.9
EU-079 More og Romsdal County South group NORWAY 48.9
EU-080 Pontevedra Province group SPAIN 43.6
EU-081 Basse-Normandie (Manche East) Region group FRANCE 31.8
EU-082 Barents Sea Coast West group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 49.4
EU-083 Liguria Region group ITALY 45.8
EU-084 Uppsala / Stockholm County group SWEDEN 65.1
EU-085 Kolguev Island EUROPEAN RUSSIA 33.9
EU-086 Pechorskoye Sea Coast East group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 42.8
EU-087 Vasternorrland County group SWEDEN 45.3
EU-088 Kattegat group DENMARK 62.8
EU-089 Western Azores group AZORES 59.7
EU-090 Palagruza Islands CROATIA 51.9
EU-091 Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region group ITALY 62.4
EU-092 Summer Isles SCOTLAND 50.8
EU-093 Alicante / Murcia Province group SPAIN 57.0
EU-094 Bretagne (Finistere South) Region group FRANCE 47.9
EU-095 Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region group FRANCE 38.6
EU-096 Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province group FINLAND 38.6
EU-097 Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province group FINLAND 46.1
EU-098 DELETED 0.0
EU-099 Les Minquiers Islands JERSEY 52.9
EU-100 Cerbicales Islands CORSICA 35.7
EU-101 Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province group FINLAND 50.8
EU-102 Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 44.4
EU-103 Saltee Islands IRELAND 46.4
EU-104 Sanguinaires Islands CORSICA 32.6
EU-105 Bretagne (Finistere North) Region group FRANCE 48.2
EU-106 St Tudwal's Islands WALES 38.7
EU-107 Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region group FRANCE 38.2
EU-108 Treshnish Isles SCOTLAND 35.2
EU-109 Farne Islands ENGLAND 40.1
EU-110 Istra group CROATIA 52.1
EU-111 Monach Islands SCOTLAND 33.0
EU-112 Shiant Islands SCOTLAND 36.1
EU-113 Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region group GREECE 51.3
EU-114 Guernsey group GUERNSEY 91.8
EU-115 Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland) IRELAND , NORTHERN IRELAND 93.0
EU-116 Isle of Man ISLE OF MAN 91.1
EU-117 Malyy Vysotskiy Island MALYJ VYSOTSKI IS (R1MV) 77.7
EU-118 Flannan Isles SCOTLAND 35.0
EU-119 White Sea Coast East group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 36.3
EU-120 English Coastal Islands ENGLAND 68.6
EU-121 Irish Coastal Islands IRELAND 46.2
EU-122 Northern Irish Coastal Islands NORTHERN IRELAND 51.1
EU-123 Scottish Coastal Islands SCOTLAND 60.1
EU-124 Welsh Coastal Islands WALES 42.4
EU-125 Jylland West group DENMARK 66.4
EU-126 Lappi Province group FINLAND 33.4
EU-127 Schleswig-Holstein State South West group FED REP OF GERMANY 60.7
EU-128 Schleswig-Holstein State East group FED REP OF GERMANY 60.7
EU-129 Usedom Island [ AKA Uznam Island ] FED REP OF GERMANY , POLAND 70.6
EU-130 Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region group ITALY 65.4
EU-131 Veneto Region group ITALY 68.5
EU-132 Szczecin / Koszalin Province group POLAND 69.3
EU-133 Gulf of Finland group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 65.7
EU-134 Bilbao / San Sebastian (Basque Country) Province group SPAIN 33.7
EU-135 Vasterbotten County group SWEDEN 46.0
EU-136 Kvarner group CROATIA 63.5
EU-137 Skane County group SWEDEN 49.2
EU-138 Blekinge County group SWEDEN 54.5
EU-139 Norrbotten County group SWEDEN 45.8
EU-140 Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province group FINLAND 38.4
EU-141 Finnmark County East group NORWAY 41.1
EU-142 Oviedo / Santander Province group SPAIN 40.6
EU-143 Cadiz / Huelva Province group SPAIN 44.9
EU-144 Calabria / Basilicata region group ITALY 45.6
EU-145 Algarve Province group PORTUGAL 56.2
EU-146 Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province group NETHERLANDS 65.9
EU-147 White Sea Coast group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 55.6
EU-148 Languedoc-Roussillon Region group FRANCE 50.5
EU-149 Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County group ESTONIA 55.6
EU-150 Minho / Douro Litoral / Beira Litoral Province group PORTUGAL 48.5
EU-151 Castellon / Valencia Province group SPAIN 47.4
EU-152 Almeria / Grande / Malaga Province group SPAIN 33.7
EU-153 White Sea Coast West group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 56.9
EU-154 DELETED 0.0
EU-155 Emilia Romagna Region group ITALY 50.8
EU-156 Basse-Normandie (Manche West) Region group FRANCE 33.3
EU-157 Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region group FRANCE 36.0
EU-158 Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region group GREECE 30.8
EU-159 Aquitaine Region group FRANCE 40.0
EU-160 Barents Sea Coast group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 24.6
EU-161 Barents Sea Coast East group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 43.1
EU-162 White Sea Coast group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 46.4
EU-163 Montenegro group [ AKA Crna Gora group ] MONTENEGRO 41.5
EU-164 Corsica's Coastal Islands CORSICA 38.9
EU-165 Sardinia's Coastal Islands SARDINIA 54.0
EU-166 Sicily's Coastal Islands ITALY 46.1
EU-167 Baixo Alentejo Province group PORTUGAL 42.1
EU-168 Iceland's Coastal Islands ICELAND 42.5
EU-169 Albania group ALBANIA 37.8
EU-170 Dalmatia North group CROATIA 61.3
EU-171 Jylland North group DENMARK 54.1
EU-172 Jylland East and Fyn group DENMARK 54.2
EU-173 Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province group FINLAND 44.5
EU-174 Makedonia / Thraki Region group GREECE 55.5
EU-175 Central Azores group AZORES 69.2
EU-176 Gavleborg County group SWEDEN 44.7
EU-177 Sodermanland / Ostergotland County group SWEDEN 44.5
EU-178 Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South group ESTONIA 41.7
EU-179 Black Sea Coast group UKRAINE 44.9
EU-180 Black Sea Coast group UKRAINE 41.5
EU-181 Bulgaria group BULGARIA 48.3
EU-182 Black Sea Coast group UKRAINE 43.8
EU-183 Romania group ROMANIA 36.1
EU-184 Oulu Province group FINLAND 49.2
EU-185 Black Sea Coast group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 47.8
EU-186 Turkey group TURKEY 40.5
EU-187 Crete's Coastal Islands CRETE 47.4
EU-188 Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group EUROPEAN RUSSIA 32.2
EU-189 Isle of Rockall SCOTLAND 3.3

187 activated groups (and 0 un-activated groups) found.

Norte América

The following island groups were found:

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
NA-001 Great Bahama Bank group BAHAMAS 61.5
NA-002 Caicos Islands TURKS & CAICOS IS 88.2
NA-003 Turks Islands TURKS & CAICOS IS 38.9
NA-004 North Slope County Centre group ALASKA 13.6
NA-005 Bermuda Islands BERMUDA 84.9
NA-006 Nunavut (Victoria Island) group CANADA 22.6
NA-007 Nunavut (Southampton Island) group CANADA 20.8
NA-008 Nunavut (Ellesmere Island) group CANADA 37.4
NA-009 Nunavut (Parry Islands) group CANADA 35.2
NA-010 Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) group CANADA 64.7
NA-011 Clipperton Island CLIPPERTON IS 53.8
NA-012 Coco's Island COCOS ISLAND 57.1
NA-013 Caribbean Sea Coast Centre group NICARAGUA 23.9
NA-014 New Brunswick Province South group CANADA 48.3
NA-015 Cuba (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) CUBA ADIF:CM , GUANTANAMO BAY 88.2
NA-016 Cayman Islands CAYMAN ISLANDS 88.6
NA-017 Baja California State South West group MEXICO 15.9
NA-018 Greenland (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) GREENLAND 82.5
NA-019 Kodiak group ALASKA 40.8
NA-020 Aves Island AVES ISLAND 52.3
NA-021 Barbados BARBADOS 90.3
NA-022 Anguilla ANGUILLA 85.0
NA-023 British Virgin Islands BRITISH VIRGIN IS 78.2
NA-024 Grenada GRENADA 83.1
NA-025 The Grenadines ST VINCENT 51.4
NA-026 New York State group UNITED STATES 46.4
NA-027 Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) CANADA 81.8
NA-028 Pribilof Islands ALASKA 22.8
NA-029 Prince Edward Island (include satellite islands) CANADA 79.6
NA-030 Revillagigedo Islands REVILLAGIGEDO 52.7
NA-031 Rhode Island State group UNITED STATES 48.9
NA-032 St Pierre and Miquelon Islands ST PIERRE & MIQUELON 79.1
NA-033 San Andres Island SAN ANDREAS & PROVIDENCIA 72.5
NA-034 Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) group UNITED STATES 46.7
NA-035 Santanilla Islands [ AKA Swan Islands Cisne Islands ] HONDURAS 22.3
NA-036 British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) group CANADA 56.6
NA-037 Near Islands (Semichi Islands) group ALASKA 15.4
NA-038 Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) group CANADA 42.0
NA-039 Andreanof Islands ALASKA 19.4
NA-040 St Lawrence Island ALASKA 19.3
NA-041 Alexander Archipelago ALASKA 31.0
NA-042 Valdez Cordova County West group ALASKA 18.5
NA-043 Nunavut (Sverdrup Islands) group CANADA 6.0
NA-044 Newfoundland Province (Labrador) South group CANADA 26.2
NA-045 Quintana Roo State North group MEXICO 30.5
NA-046 Massachusetts State South (Bristol to Barnstable County) group UNITED STATES 54.7
NA-047 Nunavut (Baffin Island) group CANADA 44.1
NA-048 Bimini Islands BAHAMAS 31.5
NA-049 Providencia Island (include Santa Catalina) SAN ANDREAS & PROVIDENCIA 40.9
NA-050 North Slope County East group ALASKA 17.4
NA-051 BC Province (Haida Gwaii) group CANADA 38.9
NA-052 Florida State South West (Collier / Monroe County) group UNITED STATES 43.4
NA-053 Trinity Islands ALASKA 23.0
NA-054 Berry Islands BAHAMAS 29.7
NA-055 Maine State East (Knox to Washington County) group UNITED STATES 53.5
NA-056 La Juventud Island CUBA ADIF:CM 24.8
NA-057 Bahia Islands HONDURAS 45.1
NA-058 Georgia State group UNITED STATES 30.3
NA-059 Fox Islands ALASKA 25.9
NA-060 Valle / Choluteca Department group HONDURAS 24.7
NA-061 British Columbia Province North group CANADA 29.3
NA-062 Florida State (Florida Keys) group UNITED STATES 46.2
NA-063 Sable Island SABLE ISLAND 60.9
NA-064 Near Islands (Agattu and Attu) group ALASKA 12.1
NA-065 Washington State North group UNITED STATES 37.1
NA-066 California State South (Orange / San Diego County) group UNITED STATES 32.4
NA-067 North Carolina State East (Carteret to Currituck County) group UNITED STATES 55.1
NA-068 New Brunswick Province North group CANADA 35.1
NA-069 Florida State South West (Charlotte / Lee County) group UNITED STATES 40.8
NA-070 Rat Islands ALASKA 5.3
NA-071 Chiriqui / Veraguas South Province group PANAMA 22.3
NA-072 Panama / Darien Province group PANAMA 59.8
NA-073 Corozal / Belize District group BELIZE 49.9
NA-074 Nunivak Island ALASKA 14.8
NA-075 British Columbia Province (Gulf Islands) group CANADA 40.1
NA-076 Florida State North West (Jefferson to Hernando County) group UNITED STATES 35.8
NA-077 Quebec Province (Anticosti Island) group CANADA 28.9
NA-078 Baja California Sur State South West group MEXICO 24.9
NA-079 Florida State (Dry Tortugas Islands) group UNITED STATES 32.2
NA-080 Little Bahama Bank group BAHAMAS 68.9
NA-081 Nova Scotia Province East group CANADA 34.7
NA-082 Mississippi State group UNITED STATES 31.1
NA-083 Virginia State group UNITED STATES 43.6
NA-084 Quebec Province (St Lawrence Gulf) East group CANADA 28.1
NA-085 Florida State North West (Bay to Wakulla County) group UNITED STATES 40.7
NA-086 Ciego de Avila / Camaguey Province North group CUBA ADIF:CM 23.4
NA-087 Shumagin Islands ALASKA 18.7
NA-088 Bocas del Toro Province group PANAMA 27.5
NA-089 Louisiana State East (St Bernard Parish) group UNITED STATES 21.1
NA-090 Quintana Roo State Centre group MEXICO 35.2
NA-091 British Columbia Province South group CANADA 22.0
NA-092 Texas State West (Cameron to Calhoun County) group UNITED STATES 38.0
NA-093 Pinar del Rio / La Habana Province group CUBA ADIF:CM 25.4
NA-094 St Paul Island ST PAUL ISLAND 68.5
NA-095 Desecheo Island DESECHEO IS 49.1
NA-097 Jamaica JAMAICA 82.1
NA-098 Navassa Island NAVASSA IS 36.5
NA-099 Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO 89.9
NA-100 Antigua and Barbuda ANTIGUA & BARBUDA 84.4
NA-101 Dominica DOMINICA 78.8
NA-102 Guadeloupe GUADELOUPE 85.8
NA-103 Montserrat MONTSERRAT 80.7
NA-104 St Kitts and Nevis ST KITTS & NEVIS 80.8
NA-105 St Martin [ AKA Sint Maarten ] SINT MAARTEN 83.7
NA-106 Virgin Islands VIRGIN IS 90.2
NA-107 Martinique MARTINIQUE 87.9
NA-108 St Lucia ST LUCIA 81.1
NA-109 St Vincent ST VINCENT 67.4
NA-110 South Carolina State group UNITED STATES 45.7
NA-111 New Jersey State group UNITED STATES 32.3
NA-112 North Carolina State West (Brunswick to Carteret County) group UNITED STATES 30.5
NA-113 South Bahamas group BAHAMAS 36.8
NA-114 Les Saintes Islands GUADELOUPE 47.1
NA-115 Clarion Island REVILLAGIGEDO 24.6
NA-116 Puntarenas Province West group COSTA RICA 34.3
NA-117 Puntarenas Province East group COSTA RICA 19.3
NA-118 British Columbia Province (Dundas Islands) group CANADA 29.0
NA-119 Louisiana State Centre (Terrebonne Parish) group UNITED STATES 20.3
NA-120 Louisiana State West (Cameron to St Mary Parish) group UNITED STATES 26.1
NA-121 Dillingham / Bristol Bay County group ALASKA 10.7
NA-122 Dominican Republic's Coastal Islands DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 31.9
NA-123 Turneffe Islands BELIZE 33.7
NA-124 Baja California Sur State South East group MEXICO 18.0
NA-125 Quebec Province (St Lawrence Gulf) West group CANADA 23.4
NA-126 Nova Scotia Province South group CANADA 37.2
NA-127 Nova Scotia Province West group CANADA 43.4
NA-128 Quebec Province (St Lawrence Waterway) group CANADA 41.9
NA-129 NWT (Banks Island) group CANADA 17.3
NA-130 Nunavut (Baffin's Coastal Islands) East group CANADA 24.2
NA-131 Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) East Centre group CANADA 21.5
NA-132 Bajo Nuevo and Serranilla Bank Cays SAN ANDREAS & PROVIDENCIA 21.8
NA-133 Serrana Bank and Roncador Cays SAN ANDREAS & PROVIDENCIA 25.7
NA-134 Greenland's Coastal Islands North West GREENLAND 33.3
NA-135 Campeche State group MEXICO 20.2
NA-136 Connecticut State group UNITED STATES 38.0
NA-137 Maine State West (York to Knox County) group UNITED STATES 31.7
NA-138 Florida State North East (Brevard to Nassau County) group UNITED STATES 40.0
NA-139 Maryland State East group UNITED STATES 38.3
NA-140 Maryland State West group UNITED STATES 25.4
NA-141 Florida State South East (Dade to Indian River County) group UNITED STATES 37.1
NA-142 Florida State North West (Escambia to Walton County) group UNITED STATES 25.6
NA-143 Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group UNITED STATES 42.5
NA-144 California State South (Santa Barbara to Los Angeles County) group UNITED STATES 25.1
NA-145 Sint Eustatius and Saba Islands SABA AND SAINT EUSTATIUS 55.1
NA-146 St Barthelemy Island St Barthelemy 63.4
NA-147 The Grenadines GRENADA 38.0
NA-148 Massachusetts State North (Barnstable to Essex County) group UNITED STATES 30.9
NA-149 Haiti's Coastal Islands HAITI 29.7
NA-150 Little Diomede Island ALASKA 13.0
NA-151 Greenland's Coastal Islands South East GREENLAND 25.7
NA-152 Nome County North group ALASKA 14.8
NA-153 Yucatan State group MEXICO 6.0
NA-154 Nova Scotia Province North group CANADA 36.1
NA-155 Limon Province group COSTA RICA 22.5
NA-156 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Quebec Coast) North West group CANADA 20.9
NA-157 Valdez Cordova County East group ALASKA 12.8
NA-158 Kenai - Cook Inlet group ALASKA 13.8
NA-159 Nunavut (King George Islands) group CANADA 7.0
NA-160 Cortes / Atlantida / Colon Department group HONDURAS 24.0
NA-161 Skagway - Yakutat County group ALASKA 19.6
NA-162 Baja California State North West group MEXICO 19.0
NA-163 Baja California State East group MEXICO 19.1
NA-164 Baja California Sur State North West group MEXICO 17.3
NA-165 Baja California Sur State North East group MEXICO 15.4
NA-166 Sonora State South group MEXICO 18.4
NA-167 Sonora State North group MEXICO 18.6
NA-168 Louisiana State South East (Lafourche to Plaquemines Parish) group UNITED STATES 33.2
NA-169 Washington State West group UNITED STATES 23.2
NA-170 San Blas Province group PANAMA 27.1
NA-171 Sinaloa State group MEXICO 8.5
NA-172 North Slope County North group ALASKA 9.0
NA-173 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Quebec Coast) South group CANADA 29.8
NA-174 Nunavut (Foxe Basin) group CANADA 15.1
NA-175 Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) West Centre group CANADA 19.2
NA-176 Quebec Province (St Lawrence Gulf) Centre group CANADA 24.1
NA-177 Quebec Province (Gaspe Peninsula) group CANADA 19.9
NA-178 California State Centre (Sonoma to Santa Cruz County) group UNITED STATES 14.1
NA-179 Guadalupe Island MEXICO 7.9
NA-180 Stann Creek / Toledo District group BELIZE 43.8
NA-181 British Columbia Province (Estevan Group) CANADA 19.5
NA-182 NWT (Inuvik Region) East group CANADA 16.6
NA-183 Guerrero State group MEXICO 23.8
NA-184 California State North (Del Norte to Mendocino County) group UNITED STATES 14.0
NA-185 Nunavut (Keewatin Region) group CANADA 21.3
NA-186 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Manitoba Coast) group CANADA 15.9
NA-187 California State Centre (Monterey / San Luis Obispo County) group UNITED STATES 12.3
NA-188 Oaxaca State group MEXICO 18.0
NA-189 Nayarit / Jalisco State group MEXICO 10.4
NA-190 El Salvador group EL SALVADOR 23.7
NA-191 Guanacaste Province group COSTA RICA 22.4
NA-192 NWT (Inuvik Region) West group CANADA 18.1
NA-193 Yukon Territory group CANADA 14.2
NA-194 Newfoundland Province (Labrador) North group CANADA 21.3
NA-195 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Quebec Coast) Centre group CANADA 24.8
NA-196 Nunavut (Belcher Islands) group CANADA 24.5
NA-197 Kenai Peninsula County group ALASKA 14.6
NA-198 Newfoundland's Coastal Islands CANADA 43.5
NA-199 St Martin's Coastal Islands SAINT MARTIN (FJ) 29.2
NA-200 Quintana Roo State South group MEXICO 12.9
NA-201 Ciego de Avila / Camaguey Province South group CUBA ADIF:CM 20.2
NA-202 Colon / Veraguas North Province group PANAMA 22.9
NA-203 Los Santos / Herrera / Cocle Province group PANAMA 18.0
NA-204 Matanzas / Villa Clara / Sancti Spiritus Province group CUBA ADIF:CM 16.1
NA-205 Newfoundland Province (Labrador) Centre group CANADA 19.6
NA-206 Barren Islands ALASKA 15.6
NA-207 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Ontario Coast) South group CANADA 12.2
NA-208 Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) East group CANADA 17.1
NA-209 Caribbean Sea Coast South group NICARAGUA 19.8
NA-210 Nome County Centre group ALASKA 7.4
NA-211 Oregon State group UNITED STATES 11.9
NA-212 Pacific Ocean Coast group NICARAGUA 13.1
NA-213 Alabama State group UNITED STATES 35.2
NA-214 Nome County South group ALASKA 13.2
NA-215 Northwest Arctic County group ALASKA 11.3
NA-216 Northern Alaska Peninsula West group ALASKA 11.5
NA-217 New Hampshire State group UNITED STATES 34.2
NA-218 Las Tunas / Holguin / Santiago de Cuba Province group CUBA ADIF:CM 14.1
NA-219 Cay Sal Bank Cays BAHAMAS 22.0
NA-220 Greenland's Coastal Islands South West GREENLAND 26.8
NA-221 Veracruz State North group MEXICO 16.8
NA-222 Southern Alaska Peninsula West group ALASKA 18.7
NA-223 Gracias a Dios Department group HONDURAS 9.3
NA-224 Veracruz State South group MEXICO 15.8
NA-225 Nunavut (Prince of Wales and Somerset Islands) group CANADA 20.8
NA-226 Colima / Michoacan State group MEXICO 5.8
NA-227 Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) West group CANADA 14.2
NA-228 Caribbean Sea Coast North group NICARAGUA 16.1
NA-229 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Quebec Coast) North East group CANADA 7.8
NA-230 Nunavut (Ottawa Islands) group CANADA 13.5
NA-231 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Ontario Coast) North group CANADA 10.6
NA-232/P St Matthew Island ALASKA 0.0
NA-233 Delarof Islands ALASKA 12.9
NA-234 Islands of Four Mountains ALASKA 8.9
NA-235 Semidi Islands ALASKA 2.9
NA-236 Sanak Islands ALASKA 8.2
NA-237 Southern Alaska Peninsula East group ALASKA 12.1
NA-238 Southern Alaska Peninsula Centre group ALASKA 8.5
NA-239 Northern Alaska Peninsula East group ALASKA 3.9
NA-240/P Bethel County group ALASKA 0.0
NA-241 Wade-Hampton County group ALASKA 10.4
NA-242/P North Slope County West group ALASKA 0.0
NA-243 Greenland's Coastal Islands North East group GREENLAND 16.0
NA-244/P Marias Islands MEXICO 0.0
NA-245/P Rocas Alijos Islands MEXICO 0.0
NA-246 Tamaulipas State Group MEXICO 16.7

241 activated groups (and 5 un-activated groups) found.


The following island groups were found:

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
OC-001 Australia AUSTRALIA 88.2
OC-002 Christmas Island CHRISTMAS IS 67.9
OC-003 Cocos (Keeling) Islands COCOS-KEELING IS 67.9
OC-004 Lord Howe Island LORD HOWE IS 66.1
OC-005 Norfolk Island NORFOLK IS 74.6
OC-006 Tasmania AUSTRALIA 68.1
OC-007 Willis Islets WILLIS IS 54.8
OC-008 Bismarck Archipelago PAPUA NEW GUINEA 30.4
OC-009 Palau Islands BELAU (T8) 69.7
OC-010 Pohnpei Islands MICRONESIA 52.0
OC-011 Chuuk Islands MICRONESIA 47.7
OC-012 Yap Islands MICRONESIA 48.1
OC-013 Rarotonga Island S COOK IS 70.8
OC-014 Manihiki Atoll N COOK IS 30.8
OC-015 Tuvalu Islands TUVALU 61.5
OC-016 Viti Levu and Vanua Levu group FIJI 67.6
OC-017 Gilbert Islands WESTERN KIRIBATI 63.2
OC-018 Banaba Island BANABA ISLAND 54.3
OC-019 Hawaiian Islands HAWAII 86.7
OC-020 Kure Atoll KURE ISLAND 48.1
OC-021 Java Island INDONESIA 83.5
OC-022 Bali Island INDONESIA 43.8
OC-023 Johnston Atoll JOHNSTON IS 57.0
OC-024 Kiritimati Island [ AKA Christmas Island ] EASTERN KIRIBATI 62.9
OC-025 Admiralty Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 21.1
OC-026 Guam Island GUAM 83.0
OC-027 Marquesas Islands MARQUESAS IS 51.6
OC-028 Ralik Chain MARSHALL IS 70.4
OC-029 Ratak Chain MARSHALL IS 34.7
OC-030 Midway Islands MIDWAY IS 53.4
OC-031 Nauru NAURU 60.0
OC-032 New Caledonia Island NEW CALEDONIA 75.4
OC-033 Loyalty Islands NEW CALEDONIA 35.5
OC-034 New Guinea (Papua New Guinea / Indonesia Irian Jaya) PAPUA NEW GUINEA , INDONESIA 69.8
OC-035 New Hebrides VANUATU 66.7
OC-036 North Island NEW ZEALAND 84.9
OC-037 Campbell Island AUCKLAND & CAMPBELL 45.3
OC-038 Chatham Islands CHATHAM IS 71.7
OC-039 Kermadec Islands KERMADEC 46.8
OC-040 Niue Island NIUE 63.9
OC-041 Ninigo group PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.2
OC-042 Luzon Island PHILIPPINES 77.2
OC-043 Phoenix Islands CENTRAL KIRIBATI 47.8
OC-044 Pitcairn Island PITCAIRN IS 61.9
OC-045 Tutuila Island AMERICAN SAMOA 64.9
OC-046 Windward Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 67.2
OC-047 Solomon Islands SOLOMON ISLANDS 65.5
OC-048 Tokelau Islands TOKELAU IS 55.2
OC-049 Tongatapu group TONGA 56.7
OC-050 Rurutu and Rimatara Islands AUSTRAL IS 40.6
OC-051 Rapa and Marotiri Islands AUSTRAL IS 14.3
OC-052 Duke of Gloucester Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 11.4
OC-053 Wake Island WAKE IS 49.7
OC-054 Wallis Islands WALLIS & FUTUNA 66.2
OC-055 French Frigate Shoals HAWAII 9.1
OC-056 Henderson Island PITCAIRN IS 18.8
OC-057 Maupihaa group FRENCH POLYNESIA 14.9
OC-058 D'Entrecasteaux Reefs NEW CALEDONIA 18.5
OC-059 Kosrae Island MICRONESIA 37.0
OC-060 Rotuma Island ROTUMA IS 61.7
OC-061 DELETED 0.0
OC-062 Pukapuka Atoll FRENCH POLYNESIA 12.7
OC-063 Gambier Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 28.7
OC-064 Vava'u group TONGA 29.7
OC-065 Reef Islands [ AKA Swallow Islands ] TEMOTU IS 33.3
OC-066 Tuamotu Archipelago FRENCH POLYNESIA 37.7
OC-067 Leeward Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 41.9
OC-068 Snares Islands NEW ZEALAND 0.9
OC-069 Lihir group PAPUA NEW GUINEA 15.5
OC-070 Seram group INDONESIA 31.8
OC-071 Western Australia State (North Coast) West group AUSTRALIA 17.3
OC-072 Mellish Reef MELLISH REEF 50.3
OC-073 Minami Torishima MINAMI TORISHIMA 56.1
OC-074 Auckland Islands AUCKLAND & CAMPBELL 18.0
OC-075 Riau Islands INDONESIA 29.8
OC-076 Sula Islands INDONESIA 9.3
OC-077 Manua Islands AMERICAN SAMOA 33.3
OC-078 Ulithi Atoll MICRONESIA 20.2
OC-079 Belep Islands NEW CALEDONIA 20.7
OC-080 Suwarrow Atoll [ AKA Suvorov Atoll ] N COOK IS 22.9
OC-081 Jarvis Island PALMYRA & JARVIS IS 25.2
OC-082 Penrhyn Atoll [ AKA Tongareva Atoll ] N COOK IS 49.2
OC-083 Aitutaki group S COOK IS 45.4
OC-084 Tabuaeran and Teraina Islands [ AKA Fanning and Washington Islands ] EASTERN KIRIBATI 18.4
OC-085 Palmyra Atoll PALMYRA & JARVIS IS 40.8
OC-086 Northern Mariana Islands MARIANA IS 79.6
OC-087 Enewetak Atoll [ AKA Eniwetok Atoll ] MARSHALL IS 27.3
OC-088 Borneo (East Malaysia / Brunei / Indonesia Kalimantan) BRUNEI , INDONESIA 81.0
OC-089 Baker and Howland Islands BAKER, HOWLAND IS 49.6
OC-090 Calamian group PHILIPPINES 23.4
OC-091 Polillo Islands PHILIPPINES 16.2
OC-092 Babuyan Islands PHILIPPINES 21.8
OC-093 Batan Islands PHILIPPINES 22.9
OC-094 Disappointment Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 12.8
OC-095 Lau group FIJI 18.6
OC-096 Kingman Reef KINGMAN REEF 45.0
OC-097 Samoa Islands SAMOA 67.9
OC-098 Pukapuka Atoll [ AKA Danger Islands ] N COOK IS 9.1
OC-099 Tabar Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 12.4
OC-100 Nendo Island TEMOTU IS 50.2
OC-101 Feni Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 13.4
OC-102 Tanga Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 17.5
OC-103 St Matthias group PAPUA NEW GUINEA 13.9
OC-104 Banks Islands VANUATU 16.8
OC-105 Cagayan de Sulu group PHILIPPINES 4.5
OC-106 Natuna Besar Islands INDONESIA 15.4
OC-107 Lingga Islands INDONESIA 19.1
OC-108 Anambas Islands INDONESIA 14.5
OC-109 Natuna Selatan Islands [ AKA Subi Besar Islands ] INDONESIA 4.5
OC-110 Torres Islands VANUATU 24.7
OC-111 Shepherd Islands VANUATU 17.0
OC-112 Conway Reef FIJI 50.1
OC-113 Actaeon group FRENCH POLYNESIA 4.6
OC-114 Raivavae Island AUSTRAL IS 27.7
OC-115 Trobriand Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 20.1
OC-116 D'Entrecasteaux Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 20.9
OC-117 Louisiade Archipelago PAPUA NEW GUINEA 20.2
OC-118 Hoorn Islands WALLIS & FUTUNA 22.6
OC-119 Jolo group PHILIPPINES 13.6
OC-120 Cuyo Islands PHILIPPINES 19.4
OC-121 Mamanuca group [ AKA Mamanutha ] FIJI 33.5
OC-122 Tambelan Islands INDONESIA 4.9
OC-123 Niuafo'ou Island TONGA 17.2
OC-124 Palmerston Atoll N COOK IS 15.6
OC-125 Semirara Islands PHILIPPINES 21.5
OC-126 Lubang Islands PHILIPPINES 24.7
OC-127 Rennell Island SOLOMON ISLANDS 18.6
OC-128 Palawan Island PHILIPPINES 26.3
OC-129 Visayan Islands PHILIPPINES 52.7
OC-130 Mindanao Island PHILIPPINES 53.1
OC-131 King George Islands FRENCH POLYNESIA 25.2
OC-132 East Yap group MICRONESIA 13.8
OC-133 Sabah's Coastal Islands EAST MALAYSIA 37.8
OC-134 South Island NEW ZEALAND 72.5
OC-135 Solomon Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 23.0
OC-136 Victoria State Centre group AUSTRALIA 23.2
OC-137 Queensland State (South Coast) South group AUSTRALIA 29.9
OC-138 Queensland State (Torres Strait) group AUSTRALIA 19.8
OC-139 South Australia State East Centre group AUSTRALIA 25.8
OC-140 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) West group AUSTRALIA 29.8
OC-141 Northern Territory (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group AUSTRALIA 30.1
OC-142 Queensland State (South Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 28.1
OC-143 Sumatra Island INDONESIA 60.7
OC-144 Bangka and Belitung Islands INDONESIA 41.2
OC-145 Halmahera group INDONESIA 12.8
OC-146 Celebes Island INDONESIA 44.3
OC-147 Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands North INDONESIA 22.0
OC-148 Timor Island INDONESIA , East Timor (4W) 56.4
OC-149 New Georgia Islands SOLOMON ISLANDS 29.0
OC-150 Tenggara Barat Islands INDONESIA 20.2
OC-151 Tenggara Timur Islands INDONESIA 23.3
OC-152 Tubuai Island AUSTRAL IS 43.6
OC-153 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands South PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.3
OC-154 Western Australia State (North Coast) East group AUSTRALIA 35.1
OC-155 West Chuuk group MICRONESIA 15.5
OC-156 Yasawa group FIJI 26.2
OC-157 Banda Islands INDONESIA 7.8
OC-158 Florida Islands SOLOMON ISLANDS 15.7
OC-159 Mangaia Island S COOK IS 30.4
OC-160 Queensland State (South Coast) North group AUSTRALIA 25.5
OC-161 Nias and Batu Islands INDONESIA 17.3
OC-162 Shortland Islands SOLOMON ISLANDS 21.8
OC-163 Vanikolo and Utupua Islands TEMOTU IS 13.8
OC-164 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) South group AUSTRALIA 29.8
OC-165 Sarawak's Coastal Islands EAST MALAYSIA 21.7
OC-166 Kalimantan's Coastal Islands East INDONESIA 12.6
OC-167 Kapingamarangi Atoll MICRONESIA 14.1
OC-168 Russell Islands SOLOMON ISLANDS 12.2
OC-169 Ha'apai Group TONGA 34.0
OC-170 Western Australia State (South Coast) East Centre group AUSTRALIA 32.1
OC-171 Queensland State (North Coast) South group AUSTRALIA 26.0
OC-172 Queensland State (North Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 20.0
OC-173 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) West group AUSTRALIA 21.1
OC-174 Tawi Tawi group PHILIPPINES 8.9
OC-175 Sarangani Islands PHILIPPINES 10.9
OC-176 Chesterfield Islands Chesterfield Is (TX0) 48.4
OC-177 Seribu Islands INDONESIA 22.0
OC-178 Tikopia and Anuta Islands TEMOTU IS 17.2
OC-179 Duff Islands TEMOTU IS 6.4
OC-180 Ngulu Atoll MICRONESIA 14.6
OC-181 Witu Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.4
OC-182 Ducie Island Ducie Is (VP6) 47.3
OC-183 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 20.4
OC-184 Brunei's Coastal Islands BRUNEI 25.6
OC-185 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) East group AUSTRALIA 20.0
OC-186 Karimunjawa Islands INDONESIA 15.8
OC-187 Queensland State (North Coast) North group AUSTRALIA 19.5
OC-188 Pangutaran group PHILIPPINES 4.7
OC-189 Ringgold Islands FIJI 14.8
OC-190 Rose Atoll AMERICAN SAMOA 2.4
OC-191 Niuatoputapu Island TONGA 13.0
OC-192 Ontong Java Atoll SOLOMON ISLANDS 15.6
OC-193 Western Australia State (South Coast) West Centre group AUSTRALIA 22.0
OC-194 New South Wales State North group AUSTRALIA 11.0
OC-195 Furneaux Group AUSTRALIA 27.3
OC-196 Victoria State East group AUSTRALIA 25.9
OC-197 Bawean Island INDONESIA 19.7
OC-198 Northern Territory (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group AUSTRALIA 14.7
OC-199 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 26.6
OC-200 Swains Island SWAINS IS. 34.3
OC-201 North Island's Coastal Islands NEW ZEALAND 36.2
OC-202 Calagua Islands PHILIPPINES 21.1
OC-203 South Island's Coastal Islands NEW ZEALAND 31.5
OC-204 Enggano Island INDONESIA 9.3
OC-205 Woodlark group [ AKA Muyua group ] PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.2
OC-206 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) North group AUSTRALIA 21.0
OC-207 Cagayan Islands PHILIPPINES 16.7
OC-208 Banggai Islands INDONESIA 9.2
OC-209 Talaud Islands INDONESIA 14.2
OC-210 Sangihe Islands INDONESIA 32.1
OC-211 Houtman Abrolhos AUSTRALIA 18.1
OC-212 New South Wales State Centre group AUSTRALIA 26.5
OC-213 Togian Islands INDONESIA 16.7
OC-214 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) East group AUSTRALIA 13.1
OC-215 Mentawai Islands INDONESIA 11.0
OC-216 Ashmore and Cartier Islands AUSTRALIA 3.8
OC-217 Kangean Islands INDONESIA 12.4
OC-218 Matthew and Hunter Islands NEW CALEDONIA 6.6
OC-219 Tukangbesi Islands INDONESIA 6.1
OC-220 South Australia State West group AUSTRALIA 29.1
OC-221 Kai Islands INDONESIA 15.0
OC-222 Obi Islands INDONESIA 12.3
OC-223 New South Wales State South group AUSTRALIA 16.6
OC-224 Tanimbar Islands INDONESIA 12.5
OC-225 Turtle Islands PHILIPPINES 8.0
OC-226 Mwokil and Pingelap Atolls [ AKA Mokil and Pingelap Atolls ] MICRONESIA 13.4
OC-227 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group AUSTRALIA 18.5
OC-228 South Australia State East group AUSTRALIA 28.9
OC-229 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 23.7
OC-230 Rowley Shoals AUSTRALIA 24.9
OC-231 Green Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 17.9
OC-232 East Timor's Coastal Islands East Timor (4W) 17.9
OC-233 Tasmania's Coastal Islands AUSTRALIA 23.1
OC-234 Browse Island AUSTRALIA 16.4
OC-235 Mindanao's Coastal Islands PHILIPPINES 24.5
OC-236 Celebes's Coastal Islands INDONESIA 15.9
OC-237 Java's Coastal Islands INDONESIA 25.8
OC-238 Pukarua and Reao Atolls FRENCH POLYNESIA 12.4
OC-239 Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands West INDONESIA 14.0
OC-240 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands East PAPUA NEW GUINEA 29.7
OC-241 Timor Barat's Coastal Islands INDONESIA 20.7
OC-242 Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands INDONESIA 19.3
OC-243 Western Australia State (South Coast) West group AUSTRALIA 18.6
OC-244 Luzon's Coastal Islands PHILIPPINES 26.8
OC-245 Sumatra's Coastal Islands North INDONESIA 20.6
OC-246 Leti and Sermata Islands INDONESIA 9.1
OC-247 Sabalana and Tengah Islands INDONESIA 13.3
OC-248 South Palau group BELAU (T8) 16.8
OC-249 Aru Islands INDONESIA 13.9
OC-250 Masalembu Islands INDONESIA 14.4
OC-251 Victoria State West group AUSTRALIA 18.2
OC-252 Kalimantan's Coastal Islands West INDONESIA 16.3
OC-253 Hall Islands MICRONESIA 12.7
OC-254 Mortlock Islands MICRONESIA 16.1
OC-255 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group AUSTRALIA 16.0
OC-256 Kilinailau Islands [ AKA Tulun Islands ] PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.6
OC-257 Nuguria Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 11.4
OC-258 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands North PAPUA NEW GUINEA 18.6
OC-259 Nukuoro Atoll MICRONESIA 17.9
OC-260 Oroluk Atoll MICRONESIA 13.4
OC-261 South Australia State West Centre group AUSTRALIA 24.8
OC-262 Sumatra's Coastal Islands South INDONESIA 18.1
OC-263 Taongi Atoll [ AKA Bokaak Atoll ] MARSHALL IS 14.2
OC-264 Maria Island AUSTRAL IS 10.5
OC-265 Coral Sea Islands Territory South AUSTRALIA 18.0
OC-266 Western Australia State (North Coast) Centre group AUSTRALIA 18.1
OC-267 Coral Sea Islands Territory North AUSTRALIA 13.8
OC-268 Laut Kecil Islands INDONESIA 13.5
OC-269 Karimata Islands INDONESIA 15.6
OC-270 Simeulue and Banyak Islands INDONESIA 17.9
OC-271/P Babar Islands INDONESIA 0.0
OC-272/P Barat Daya Islands INDONESIA 0.0
OC-273/P Gorong and Watubela Islands INDONESIA 0.0
OC-274/P Lucipara and Penyu Islands INDONESIA 0.0
OC-275/P Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands South INDONESIA 0.0
OC-276/P Mapia Islands INDONESIA 0.0
OC-277 Sorol Atoll MICRONESIA 12.0
OC-278 Ujelang Atoll MARSHALL IS 0.9
OC-279 Malden Island EASTERN KIRIBATI 11.8
OC-280 Starbuck Island EASTERN KIRIBATI 10.7
OC-281 Caroline Island [ AKA Millennium Island ] EASTERN KIRIBATI 11.1
OC-282 Vostok and Flint Islands EASTERN KIRIBATI 6.4
OC-283 Tauu Islands [ AKA Takuu Islands ] PAPUA NEW GUINEA 16.8
OC-284 Nukumanu Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA 17.9
OC-285/P Stewart Islands [ AKA Sikaiana Atoll ] SOLOMON ISLANDS 0.0
OC-286/P Antipodes Islands NEW ZEALAND 0.0
OC-287/P Bounty Islands NEW ZEALAND 0.0
OC-288/P Nihoa Island HAWAII 0.0
OC-289/P Necker Island HAWAII 0.0
OC-290/P Gardner Pinnacles HAWAII 0.0
OC-291/P Laysan Island HAWAII 0.0
OC-292/P Lisianski Island HAWAII 0.0
OC-293/P Pearl and Hermes Atoll HAWAII 0.0
OC-294/P Sandy Island AUSTRALIA 0.0
OC-295 Sebatik Island EAST MALAYSIA , INDONESIA 18.9

278 activated groups (and 16 un-activated groups) found.

Sur América

The following island groups were found:

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC % Claimed
SA-001 Easter Island EASTER IS 74.2
SA-002 Falkland Islands FALKLAND IS 77.1
SA-003 Fernando De Noronha Archipelago FERNANDO DE NORONHA 81.0
SA-004 Galapagos GALAPAGOS 84.5
SA-005 Juan Fernandez Archipelago JUAN FERNANDEZ 65.5
SA-006 Bonaire Island [ AKA Remnant Leeward Netherlands Antilles ] BONAIRE 88.3
SA-007 Malpelo MALPELO IS 48.1
SA-008 Tierra del Fuego ARGENTINA 55.1
SA-009 Tobago TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 58.5
SA-010 Trindade & Martin Vaz TRINDADE & MARTIN 59.2
SA-011 Trinidad TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 75.1
SA-012 Nueva Esparta State group VENEZUELA 48.9
SA-013 San Felix & San Ambrosio [ AKA Los Desventurados ] SAN FELIX 52.7
SA-014 St.Peter & St.Paul Rocks ST PETER & ST PAUL RKS 49.3
SA-015 Los Monjes Archipelago VENEZUELA 27.1
SA-016 Maranhao State Centre group BRAZIL 29.2
SA-017 Cauca / Valle Division group COLOMBIA 24.9
SA-018 Los Lagos Region South group CHILE 33.0
SA-019 Abrolhos Archipelago BRAZIL 36.1
SA-020 French Guiana group FRENCH GUIANA 41.2
SA-021 Buenos Aires (Bahia Blanca) Province group ARGENTINA 28.3
SA-022 Buenos Aires (Bahia Anegada) Province group ARGENTINA 18.0
SA-023 Bahia State North group BRAZIL 33.4
SA-024 Sao Paulo State West group BRAZIL 35.9
SA-025 Piaui State group BRAZIL 26.8
SA-026 Santa Catarina State Centre group BRAZIL 66.1
SA-027 Santa Catarina State North group BRAZIL 37.5
SA-028 Sao Paulo State East group BRAZIL 37.3
SA-029 Rio De Janeiro State West group BRAZIL 35.8
SA-030 San Jose / Montevideo / Canelones Dept group URUGUAY 37.0
SA-031 Wollaston & Hermite Islands CHILE 2.7
SA-032 Ultima Esperanza Province North group CHILE 15.4
SA-033 Manabi Province group ECUADOR 20.2
SA-034 Guayas / El Oro Province group ECUADOR 23.8
SA-035 Los Roques Islands VENEZUELA 25.7
SA-036 Aruba ARUBA 91.7
SA-037 Blanquilla group VENEZUELA 26.6
SA-038 Atol Das Rocas FERNANDO DE NORONHA 13.0
SA-039 Maldonado / Rocha Department group URUGUAY 34.3
SA-040 Bolivar / Atlantico Division group COLOMBIA 30.1
SA-041 Maranhao State West group BRAZIL 20.1
SA-042 Para State West group BRAZIL 24.0
SA-043 Aisen Region North group CHILE 25.8
SA-044 La Tortuga VENEZUELA 26.3
SA-045 Amapa State group BRAZIL 24.5
SA-046 Pernambuco State group BRAZIL 48.5
SA-047 Parana State group BRAZIL 33.6
SA-048 Sucre State East group VENEZUELA 6.9
SA-049 Tierra del Fuego's Coastal Islands ARGENTINA 23.6
SA-050 Antartica Chilena Province group CHILE 23.2
SA-051 Las Aves Islands VENEZUELA 19.7
SA-052 Lima Department group PERU 30.3
SA-053 Aisen Region South group CHILE 17.4
SA-054 Orchila Island VENEZUELA 14.0
SA-055 Buenos Aires (Delta Del Parana) Prov group ARGENTINA 32.1
SA-056 Esmeraldas Province group ECUADOR 14.5
SA-057 Colonia Department group URUGUAY 31.6
SA-058 Carabobo / Aragua / DF /Miranda State group VENEZUELA 24.7
SA-059 Los Testigos group VENEZUELA 22.6
SA-060 Para State East group BRAZIL 24.5
SA-061 La Araucania Reg / Los Lagos Reg North group CHILE 29.4
SA-062 Bahia State South group BRAZIL 21.0
SA-063 Monagas / Delta Amacuro State group VENEZUELA 22.8
SA-064 Aisen Region Centre group CHILE 29.3
SA-065 Chubut Province South group ARGENTINA 18.4
SA-066 Zulia State group VENEZUELA 26.9
SA-067 Espirito Santo State group BRAZIL 27.4
SA-068 Guyana group GUYANA 38.8
SA-069 Antofagasta Region group CHILE 24.6
SA-070 Bio-Bio Region group CHILE 28.9
SA-071 Sao Paulo State Centre group BRAZIL 17.4
SA-072 Maranhao State East group BRAZIL 30.1
SA-073 Ica Department group PERU 22.8
SA-074 Ancash Department group PERU 20.9
SA-075 La Libertad Department group PERU 17.2
SA-076 Tumbes / Piura / Lambayeque Department group PERU 20.3
SA-077 Rio De Janeiro State East group BRAZIL 18.4
SA-078 Cordoba / Sucre Division group COLOMBIA 31.3
SA-079 Rio De Janeiro State Centre group BRAZIL 23.7
SA-080 Bahia State Centre group BRAZIL 31.1
SA-081 Narino Division group COLOMBIA 30.5
SA-082 Magdalena / Guajira Division group COLOMBIA 19.6
SA-083 Salas y Gomez Island EASTER IS 8.8
SA-084 Choco Division South group COLOMBIA 19.0
SA-085 Atacama Region group CHILE 21.0
SA-086 Coquimbo / Valparaiso Region group CHILE 21.4
SA-087 Santa Cruz Province North group ARGENTINA 18.8
SA-088 Santa Catarina State South group BRAZIL 20.4
SA-089 Falcon State group VENEZUELA 19.7
SA-090 Anzoategui State / Sucre State west group VENEZUELA 30.4
SA-091 Magallanes Province group CHILE 16.5
SA-092 Suriname group SURINAME 17.6
SA-093 Choco Division North / Antioquia Division group COLOMBIA 16.4
SA-094 Ultima Esperanza Province South group CHILE 19.8
SA-095/P O'Higgins / Maule region group CHILE 0.0
SA-096/P Chubut Province North group ARGENTINA 0.0
SA-097 Diego Ramirez Islands CHILE 0.8
SA-098 Arequipa / Moquegua / Tacna Department group PERU 17.7
SA-099 Curacao Island CURACAO 7.6

97 activated groups (and 2 un-activated groups) found.


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