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General information. The club station, WA6GFY, operates two repeaters from a site on Mt. Umunhum, about 5 miles south of San Jose. The coverage of the Santa Clara Valley is very good; but there are a few "dead areas". The primary repeater installation operates on the 220 MHz and 440 MHz bands. There is also a 2 meter repeater but the transmitter is generally kept off to prevent interference to another repeater. The repeater site is about 3200 feet above sea level.

There is a second club repeater at the site operating on the 1.2 GHz band.

Both repeaters have multifunction controllers and include auto patch functions. Both repeaters are "open" repeaters available to other amateurs in the community. Club members who choose to do so are given access codes to allow for auto patch use. A $10 annual fee helps to pay for the operating costs for auto patch use.

A repeater manual is available for those who support the repeater.

Remote base operation. In addition to the repeater modes the 220/440 machine can be operated as a remote base on the 10, 6 and 2 meter amateur bands. At the present time operations are limited on 10 meters as the antenna was damaged by high winds.

Mailboxes. For a listing of assigned mailboxes please click here.


Repeater Table

Transmit Frequency

100 Hz
100 Hz
100 Hz

Wednesday night net. Each Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. the club has an informal net. All members as well as nonmembers are welcome to check in. This is a good chance to check out your gear and catch up on the local gossip. To get a feel for how the net is run a script is listed below.


Suggested script for net control operators

"Good evening. This is [name, call] calling to order the Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Club repeater net. This net meets every Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. The club's repeater system is located atop Mt. Umunhum on 443.775, 224.28 and 145.62 (simplex). This is an "open net" and we encourage members as well as non-members to check in."

"Before general check-ins, I will standby for stations which may have a QST or an announcement for this evening's net. Please call [call sign], call signs only."

[process all announcements]

"This net is run in a roundtable fashion. If you would prefer to just check-in and monitor the net's activities indicate so by checking in with a QRU. At this time I will now call for general check-ins."

"Stations with call sign suffixes beginning with the letters Alpha through Golf, please come now."

"Stations with call sign suffixes beginning with the letters Hotel through November, please come now."

"Stations with call sign suffixes beginning with the letters Oscar through Zebra, please come now."

"The order of tonight's net will be ... [go through the list twice for all of those who called in with a QRU]."

[Call for late check-ins between rounds and after the second round].

[after the second round] "We had [count] check-ins tonight. thanks to all who checked in. I will now return the repeater to normal operations."

Pictures of the repeater installation. Thanks to Fred Saunders, KB6GLO for photos. May, 1999.

Woody Koehler, WA6GXI working on the 220/440 machine.
View of some of the
commercial towers. Our antennas are mounted on two telephone poles.

Close-up View of the antennas. 

Mount Umunhum

According to Erwin G. Gudde in "California Place Names" (1998 edition):

Umunhum (yoo [email protected] num), Mount [Santa Clara Co.] Perhaps from a Costanoan word for 'hummingbird', as suggested by Beeler 1954; the Mutsun form is /humuunya/, and the Rumsen is /ummum/ (Callaghan). The peak is shown as Picacho de Umenhum and Umurhum on C.S. Lyman's maps of the New Almaden Mine (1848). Hoffman in his notes spells the name Unuhum on Aug. 10, 1861, corrects it to Umunhum on Aug. 20, and records the pronunciation on Aug. 26: "oomoonoom" Brewer gives a similar version in his Notes on Sept. 6, 1861: "oomoonoon".

Submitted by Frank T. Wyatt

For more information. Please contact Gene Marshack, N6LDH

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