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Repeater Trustee: Wally Rankin - KE4ISH  E-mail

Net Manager: Wally Rankin - KE4ISH  E-mail

I would like to request that all of you that check into the KG4OGC Net on Thursday evenings please E-mail me so that I have a way to get messages to you if necessary. Thanks.

There is now a 40' concrete telephone pole installed at the EMA for our antennas to be mounted on. I will be talking to Tom Burris about scheduling a date to get the antennas installed. This needs to be accomplished as soon as possible as we are coming close to the start of hurricane season.                        

Additional information as of 5/6/2006   Steve and I met with Dee at the EMA and measured the present coax to make sure that there was enough to allow the antenna installations on the new tower. We have more than is necessary once the cables are rerouted. We are presently waiting for permission to make a hole thru the wall next to the tower.  

We now have 8 27 inch straps to mount the VHF and HF antennas. I should have the bracket for the HF antenna this week. The bracket I am getting is normally used to hang a sign and has 3 points things can be hung from and also provisions for using straps to secure it to the tower. 

There is a WTOC weather station mounted on the roof of the EMA building. This station is what provides the temperature readings you see on the WTOC Weather for Hinesville. You can access this station to see all of the local information in real time by using the link below or in the Links column. Once the page has loaded (takes a minute or so due to use of JAVA) scroll down and change the display to Hinesville GA. You will have to use your back button to return to this web site.

LHEMA Weather Station


Presently this web site will be under the repeater heading and not the LCECARC name. This has been done due to the fact that at present the club is not active and it is not known if the old club will be brought back or if a new club will be formed.

The club has been inactive for the past 3 years. There is now some new interest in getting a club back in service in the Liberty County area. We are not presently holding any meetings, however that is subject to change if there are enough hams interested.

The present plans are to operate as an ARES Group and not a club until there is sufficient interest and enough amateurs showing an interest in either forming a new club or reviving the old club. It is requested that anyone interested in becoming an ARES member contact KT4KH - Bill Gary who is the EC for Liberty county, or you can contact Wally at the below link and I will assist you.

We will be holding a weekly net on Thursday evenings at 8:00PM on the 147.015 (positive offset, no PL tone) repeater. This is the KG4OGC repeater and is located on the Shaw Road Water Tower. All amateurs are invited to join in the nets. The net will be run as the "KG4OGC REPEATER NET".

Anyone that wants more information on the nets or future club operations can send e-mail to either of the below. We invite comments and suggestions from all.

E-mail can be set to either of us by just clicking on our names.        E-mail Wally - KE4ISH             E-mail Tom - KI4NRC

  VE Test Session and Training Class  

STARS will be offering a one-day class to prepare folks to take the Technician license exam, on Saturday, June 3. The class will be held at the offices of the Bulloch County Chapter of the American Red Cross, in the "Outreach Center" on Denmark Street in Statesboro. The class will run from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. that day, with a one-hour lunch break.

 The following week, on Saturday, June 10, a VE test session will be offered at the same location. The test session will offer all elements, and is not limited to folks who have participated in the Technician class the previous Saturday. The test session will begin at 9 a.m., and there will be a $14 testing fee. All test-takers must bring two forms of identification, at least one of which is a picture ID. If upgrading, the test-taker must also supply COPIES of all licenses and/or CSCE's to be applied to the upgrade.

 Please address any questions to Mark Aulick, KF4MLT, at [email protected]




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