EMA Operations

Liberty Hinesville Emergency Management Agency (LHEMA) now requires that all amateur radio operators desiring to operate from the EOC Radio Room during an emergency have a EMA issued ID badge. Any amateur in the area that plans to help in the EOC during emergencies needs to go to the EMA office during normal working hours to fill out a registration form and have their picture taken for the ID badge. There will be no admission to the EOC during emergency conditions without the properly issued ID badge. If you have any questions please e-mail Wally Rankin (e-mail link on main page) and I will be glad to help you.


ARES Information

If you desire information on ARES and the ARES Program you may contact KT4KH - Bill (Liberty County EC) or KE4ISH - Wally. You may also obtain information on the ARRL web site at http://www.arrl.org and go to the Public Service pull-down menu then click on the link for ARES.

Those interested in joining ARES and working communications at the EOC should check into taking a few of the FEMA courses that ate available for free. The two courses that are important to know and understand are the IS-100 ICS (Incident Command System) and IS-700 NIMS (National Incident Management System) which have to do with how the the EOC operates during activation. These courses are available at  http://training.fema.gov  and won't cost you anything to take.

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Page last updated 23 April 2006