Welcome to Lillesand

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Ham Radio – a hobby enjoyed by many and endured by most of their neighbours… If you’ve landed here then it’s probably because we’ve just had a QSO or perhaps you’ve typed some words into your favourite search engine and found this site.

Activity-wise, I’m a SSB/Digimode operator at home, and SSB when portable. I am also active on DMR, with the ID # 2427046. Here you on WW 91!

In the Shack, there’s a Kenwood TS-940 and a Kenwood TS-690S with a G5RV antenna. Signalink is a part of the station doing an excellent job. I am also active from my cottage with a  Yaesu ft-450 , a 2x19,5 meter dipole and GAP Titan.

QSLs : My hobby is radio, not postcards – and, although some can be pretty, storing them isn’t practical so please don’t waste your time and money on sending them. I am not an NRRL/Bureau member, so cards sent “via the buro” will never reach me. eQSL/LoTW are uploaded regularly.

When the weather is good, the safe confines of the Shack are left as I venture outdoors to operate portable with the ft-450 and solar power. I typically use a 10m fishing-pole to support a G5RV in an Inverted-V configuration. When /P, it’s a mixture of mostly SSB and occasional datamode, for the time beeing FT8.

Operating outdoors is for many Hams something to enjoy. A bit of space to put up an aerial, noise-free away from electrical QRM. It also allows for a great deal of experimentation – not to mention attracting interest from curious members of the public.

Hams like to keep lists, make pretty charts and tick things off and that include me: Logging is therefore done with Log4OM for desktop logging and tabLog for /P. Log4OM gives me a QSO logger, DXCC stats, DX Cluster and much more. For contesting N1MM is for me simply the best. Both are FREE and available for you to download and use.


About Me
My interest in amateur radio started back in 1967 with lots of listening to HF+VHF along with learning CW. Took my exam and got the ham radio lisence in 1969. I have been working ham radio from differnt parts of Norway and also 7 years from HK4, Medellin, Colombia.