Ham History

I started with the HamRadio-hobby in 1966 while joyning the BoyScouts in Trondheim.
Our intructor was Hugo, LA5YJ, who was an avid DX'er and contester.
Hence my later interests for the same areas in HamRadio.
In the late sixties I was active from Hugo's station and from the local RadioClub - LA2T.
My own license was passed in the authum of 1970.
Since then I've been more or less constantly tuning the bands.
More than 200.000 QSOs are logged from the home-QTH,
and by the thousands from other QTHs.
Throughout all the years, DX'ing, award-collecting and contesting
has stayed on as the main interests in HamRadio.
I've been able to do some travelling, and have been QRV from many different DXCC countries.

During the first 20 years or so, PHONE was my favourite mode.
In the latter years I find myself mostly on CW.

Over the years I have tried most of the various modes and aspects of amateurradio - activities.

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