QSL STATUS, and some other information, for 9N7JO - S21ZDX - S2ZJO – A52JO – HS0ZGD – HB9TQZ – EP3UN – LA7JO etc


Dear Ham friend !                       As of June 30th 2008 – 78.000  QSOs from  9N7JO


Thank you for QSO/SWL report from Kathmandu, Nepal - or somewhere else ! 

If you need a QSL for  9N7JO - or another of my operations – please use the 9N7JO QRZ.COM Thailand address (ONLY).

I prefer green stamps (QSL card + postage = approximately 1,7 USD for EU and 2 USD for the rest of the world).
This is NORWAY stamp rates. For safety reasons, most QSL-cards are delivered to the postman in NORWAY.
1 USD = 5,4 NOK as of December 2007.

 IRCs are of course OK, but…..

 a LOT of work with IRCs at the post office - a real nuisance.

 Did you send me an E-mail requesting if I received your direct QSL ?

 Answer : Someone else (in Thailand and Norway) are doing the QSL-ing for me.

 Hundreds of cards keep coming in, and it is very time-consuming to have the QSL helpers keep looking for a particular card,
to be able to notify me,
so that in turn I can respond to your E-mail.

As you probably understand, this is NOT possible.

All direct QSLs, with SAE and sufficient return postage are ALL returned 100 %.

Received QSLs without SAE (self addressed envelope) and/or sufficient postage will NOT be returned. 

By July 1th 2008 - ALL 9N7JO QSLs  received, as well as QSLs for other operations, were already given to the post-office.

There is no BACKLOG of QSLs received before July 1th - 2008. 

Since 1966, I have logged more than 480.000 QSOs from 70 plus countries, resulting in many years of “hard labor”
to satisfy BUREAU card requests.
This now takes away to much time (and money), so I do not answer bureau cards any more.

PLEASE : As different persons are answering cards for different calls/operations – DO NOT send QSLs for several calls in the same envelope.

Maximum 2 – two - cards and 1 – one - callsign - per envelope. 

If you do, it will DELAY your receipt of QSLs by several months, and very likely you will ONLY receive return for one – 1 – station worked. 

73 de 9N7JO -S21ZDX - A52JO - HS0ZGD - EP3UN - 4S7JOG - 8Q7JO - S2ZJO - HB9TQZ - LA7JO

Kathmandu, Nepal

One of the 4U1ITU – 4U1UN crew       

From QTH - LA7JO :
  5BWAZ - 9BDXCC - 5BWAS                                   



Please read on below as well !


Some reasons why you may NOT have received your QSL card : 

1)      I do not answer QSL-cards received via bureau.

2)      Your postal mail was lost on its way to me, or after I had returned it.

3)      Your QSL-card is with me, waiting to be returned via the Bureau sometime in the future, do to :
- No return envelope inside the received envelope (happens quite often !)
- Several cards in the request and only 1 IRC, which does not cover
  return-postage (actually 1 IRC does not even cover the costs for one – 1–
  one – QSL-card – it only covers the return-postage up to 19 grams,
  no card cost and/or other costs).

4)      You included request for different stations worked in the same envelope
(one of these requested cards is forwarded to the actual QSL-ers, and hence in most cases only QSL for one station will be returned direct).

5)      No return postage at all in your “request” (I am NOT collecting QSL cards for 9N7JO,
so you don’t need to send me these direct cards, if you don’t need one back).

6)      You included an old IRC that the post office does NOT accept any more
(happens quite often).

7)      Insufficient return postage included in your request (happens
surprisingly often).

8)      Not in log (cards with “Not in log” being returned via bureau).

9)      QSL request sent to wrong postal address.
ONLY ------ 9N7JO’s Thailand address (QRZ.COM) is a valid QSL
request address.

10)  You had put stamps on the self addressed envelope, with an insufficient
value on it (happens surprisingly often).

11)   You had put your own country’s stamps on the self addressed envelope,
 which of course is of no value to return your card (happens quite regularly – and yes….we are humans and make errors, - at least I do. Hi).

12)  You had included an International Reply Envelope with pre-paid return postage. No good !....as the postal office here will not accept it (not without a “big” fight every time, - which I want go through any more).
This procedure is particularly “popular” among Japanese radio amateurs.

13)  You have included the old type of IRCs that are not valid any more.
       The ONLY valid IRCs are the large size ones, all bluish color
        (not the ones with a large white area at the bottom).


 Please read on below as well !


 VERY – VERY high man-made noise level
(power line noise -   QRN) at  9N7JO’s - Kathmandu city    QTH.


I’m receiving a huge number of requests for skeds, particularly on the low bands.

PSE be advised that my work situation makes it very difficult to meet any sked requests.


HIGH Noise Level !

Please be aware that I have a very high noise level, so particularly on 80 m and 160 m it is VERY difficult to copy signals.

Even on 40 m. and 30 m. the noise level is normally around S 6 to 7.

Generally the man-made noise is never below S-4.

Most of the time S-5 and upwards to S-9 (sometimes as bad as S 9 + 10DB) with NB and NR running, and with NARROW CW filter/passband-tuning.

Even so, I can copy mid-level and strong signals, but there are not many of these signals around on 80 m and 160 m.


I use several horizontally polarized dipoles for RX, and I have made two different receiving loops (with separate preamps) in an attempt to be able to copy these weak and mid-level signals, and it works to some extent, but still I am not able to copy the weaker signals. Particularly difficult on Long Pass to South and North America, were the signals tend to be VERY weak.

I find that these mini loops generally doesn't take away city-noise much - contrary to what many seems to believe.


To North America it is normally poor conds from my QTH, as I live in the north part of the city, close to large mountains, generally covering up the north path ( short path) to North America.


Another challenge we face over here is frequent power outage, and then it is 50 watt from  batteries that lasts for only minutes. Hi.



I have some 2600 QSOs with Europe on 80 m, 95 % CW, and about 200 QSOs with EU on top band (CW only). On 40m/30m several thousand QSOs since February 2005.


High demand from US:

I have spent hours - and hours and hours, to try to improve receiving, and then hours - hours and hours again - calling CQ US/NA to answer the VERY high number of request to work NA on
160 m / 80 m / 40 m and 30 m.


Last season (winter 2005/2006) it produced some 60 US stations on 80 m, all CW, in my log.

A few more on 40m/30m and zero - 0 - on top band.


A lot of "hard work" without acceptable results.


Many thanks to YU7EF Pop, who has been visiting here and has helped a lot with the antenna works
and experiments to try to get rid of some receiving noise.

All QSL requests for 9N7JO to 9N7JO QRZ.COM address.


VY 73 de Stig - 9N7JO


78.000 QSOs from 9N7JO

480.000 QSOs from 70 + countries since 1966