Personal page by Stig A. Lindblom

I was born 22nd of September 1954 in the city of Norrkoeping in Sweden.
My family moved to Trondheim, Norway, when I was a child.
My mother is Norwegian and my father is Swedish.

I started my "labor career" quite young, only 12 years old.
More about that under "PROFESSIONAL".

I have five children.

Maritha born in 1974, Jøran born i 1979, Giovanni born in 1992,
Sondre born November the 10th 2001 and Sunniva born 12th of December 2003.

I ' m a grandfather, as Maritha have 3 sons, Marco born in 1993,
Joel born in 2001 and Philip born in 2002.

In 1998 I remarried with a Thai girl, called "Jum" (Thatsana).

So far, we have decided to live in Trondheim.

That means Trondheim is the base, although we travel around the world were ever our job take us.

Pictures from my wedding with "Jum"
Pictures of Jum and Stig in 2006
Pictures of Jum,Stig and kids in 2006
Pictures of Sondre Lindblom in 2006
Pictures of Sunniva Lindblom in 2006
Pictures of Sondre and Sunniva Lindblom in 2006

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