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LATEST NEWS from Hugo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 9N7YJ Hugo is QRT
  • He went QRT around 1th May , ALL QSL goes via his home adress with SASE, see footnote*
  • He manage to work over 14,000 QSOes during is his job periodes 2002 nov to feb 2003 and feb 2003 to may 2003.
  • I have now got info from Hugo, I had big trouble with 160m operation. Not the best season for Top Band. Now he is mostly QRV 40 30 20 17 meter and
  • 28-04-03 He will leave home for Norway next week, week nr 19.
  • I speaked to Hugo he will try 80m 2th of April again around 1800z. Stay tuned. he says heavy QRN, so take it easy
  • Hugo have now been QRV 80m CW 3503 QSX up 1-3 around 1800z for EU, but still not been QRV 160m, we are waiting. he were copyed 579 in Norway 80m 1th of April.
  • Hugo had plans for doing some Low bands htis weekend but he have been very busy with his job . Else he says he got very nice propagation to EU in our evening, he has been copyied 599+ in JP50
  • Hugo has now picked up the licence for 160 80 40 30 20 17 meter from PTT, and he says he is planning to get up some more antennas over the weekend.
  • Hugo has now been QRV on 30m 15Z 21Z and 20m 1430Z

QSL Via:

Björn Hugo Ark, LA5YJ

Rute 504- Paulsrud
NO-2840 Reinsvoll

Remember no Bureau routing is valid via NRRL for 9N7YJ

*Only Direct with 2 $ USD / 2 € Euro or Valid IRC.



Hugo have got a better rig, he used a Kenwood TS50 before and now he is working with a Yaesu FT897 w/CW Collinsfilter, 100 Watt. He have got Trap dipole's made by LA6FJA for severals bands. He now have antennas for 160 80 40 30 17 12m. He plans a weekend for 160m operation, since he don't have possibility to have a setup for 160m at his QTH. He is not QRV on PSK31 or RTTY; Someone have been doing this Digitalemodes operation as Pirate.


Bjørn Hugo Ark, about 50 yrs old, a earlier a DX'er with good skills from Norway, he is living in Vestre-Toten kommune(county), in a town called Reinsvoll, located in western part of the area Oppland, South Eastern Norway.

He is QRV from Nepal within a mission for U.N. and he have been QRV from Nepal since November 2002 to 10th of February, and he have been home for two weeks. He have now returned and he is now QRV from Nepal for long time, no time schedule is established yet.

There will not be any QSL request before he is at home, and he have requested some QSL when he was at home this 2 weeks.

I will just help him to collect the QSL cards!

In Nepal he have to pay a licnence for each band/Mhz, therefore this operation is not cheap.

He is working with 100w and dipole and trap-dipole antennas.

So take it easy! No jamming!


He has been QRV 80 40 30 20 meter.

He have now access to 160m and 80 m too:)

We will annouce this on this page if I'm getting it when he plans to work!

1200z 1600z 2300-0100z

10103 7003 3503


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