Amateur Radio Clipart

Amateur Radio Clipart

                      10 mtr FM,Try it during the sporadic E,season                 QSL,Only via Electronic media,No paper cards   


By clicking on the links on the right of this page,
you will find radio themed gifs.
All these animations were created during the long winter.
And believe me the winter is long and cold in Scandinavia,
They are free to use for your web pages,
To copy just Right click and
store image as
Most of the images are Transparent
which means they may be used with any background colour.

144 MHz Es in EU : Sporadic E.s In Europe
144 MHz Es in NA : Sporadic E.s i North America
50 MHZ in EU 50 MHZ Europe

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Amateur Radio Clipart


Clipart        Clipart       Clipart

Clipart 1,

You will find loads of small radio images here,
Just click on the frequency and a mini window will
open with the image.
to download simply right click and *save As*.

Clipart 2.
Has images of Valves, Tubes,Antenna,Dividers,
And Qsl info boards,

Clipart 3,
Cq.s and decorations

Tube Mast

Ohms Law Calculator

Volts (E)
Amps (I)
Ohms (R)
Power (Watts)

Enter any two known values and press "Calculate"
Reset the field to 0 before each new calculation.

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