IRLP Codes

 When using the repeater you can enter the codes below and the repeater will tell you how to use each of the listed items.

List of codes press #9.

The repeater will give you a list of codes so you pick one you are interested in, general node info, ARRL Audio News and short cut keys.

For general information on the node press #0.
This is information on how to connect and disconnect to a node or reflector.

For ARRL Audio News playback press #1.
This tells you how to playback the ARRL Audio News segments. For more information see the ARRL Audio News link.

For short cut keys to Reflectors press #2.
These are simply shorter 3 digit codes (including the # sign) to access frequently used reflectors. You can use these shorter codes or just use the regular 5 digit codes

The following are short cut keys to several Reflectors:
#31 Western Reflector
#32 Alaska Reflector
#33 Crossroads Reflector
#34 Dallas Reflector
#35 Denver Reflector

For a complete list of Nodes and Reflectors please visit: