Hello, I'm Bruce Petrarca. I've been in ham radio since 1962. Starting in Denver, Colorado, I've been from coast to coast, having settled in Phoenix, Arizona. My first amateur radio call sign was WN0DZJ in Denver, Colorado. Since then, I've had WA0DZJ in Denver; WB6KWI in Santa Barbara County, California; and both WB0OFB and WB0OFC in Boulder, Colorado. From 1979 to 1981, I operated WB0OFC from Marlborough, Massachusetts, which caused a stir on Six Meters! In 1983, I upgraded and settled on KX0E!

My wife, Linda N7WNW, and I live in PebbleCreek, a Robson community in Goodyear, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

I have a business consulting on model train layouts and electronics (MrDCCU.com). I write a monthly column about DCC (electronic control for model trains) for the (free to readers) online Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine (model-railroad-hobbyist.com).

I teach underwater photography and videography. Some of my work is on my website (Petrarcas.com)

Just for a laugh, I've included a page about a Ham Radio Insurance claim. Click on the link above for fun.

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